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There’s a tiny spoiler for Odin Sphere in this video too, not worth worrying about I think.
There’s a few instances of flashing lights but also probably not anything to worry about.

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  1. Refat_Swordfish says

    After finishing part one my friends screamed for a sequal. I said that this game is perfect. Ellie and Joels story is over, and a sequal would just feel forced. In my mind, the only way to make a sequal would be to use totally new caracters in the same universe. The briliance of LOU1 is how Ellie and Joel met, the storyarc about how they got to know and accept each other and the ending. Trying to expand on that would only feel bland. Dont get me wrong… I liked this game, but I really hope that they burry the Ellie story for a part 3.

  2. big wolf says

    Oh thank God now he can tell me my opinion on this game

  3. Leifur Guðlaugsson says

    Loved the game but what bugs me the most is that they could have given you an option to decide weather or not you wanted to kill Abby. The ending would have worked both ways.

  4. DrNuyenVanFaulk says

    The problem is not with "ludonarrative dissonance" (what a weird, academic phrase):firstly – because the entire narrative of the game is about putting you in the mind of the enemy; it's inherently designed to cause dissonance – that was Drukman's point, born from seeing the Israeli soldiers tortured to death and exploring the psychology of both sides.secondly – it's actually because there's an Emporer's Clothes moment happening: everyone's confused and pissed to shit because they've realised that the LoU franchise's gameplay is basic, repetetive, boring: keep pressing ?and hope you don't get seen. I've been saying this since LoU1 – it's a very average game with an amazing story. Even when you like the story, the gameplay is so at odds with the narrative in terms of levels of craftsmanship. (See Adrian Chmielarz's interview interview with Eurogamer where he talks about not wanting to have to collect coins in a game about redemption).Ultimately, when you say that you had no questions left to answer under after the ending, it suggests that – with all due respect – the story simply wasn't to your taste; it didn't resonate. Personally, I felt the message was clear: violence begets violence (Joel's murder), you end with ashes (that final scene whem sailing away from Haven, my God!), and only love and forgiveness is the way forward (Abby found it in her dreams aftern rescuing Lev; Ellie finds it in that brief glimpse of Joel in the end).The fact that you refer to "whatever epiphany Ellie had", really suggests that you were not emotionally engaged with the game and why you didn't understand it: Ellie's vision of Joel at the very end is why she doesn't kill Abby: that evening was the momemt when she resolved her differences with Joel through forgiveness; it was forgiveness that gave them the opportunity to move forward. That's the legacy that Joel left her, not the guitar. That is why Abby isn't just "one more kill".Good interview, very indepth and well argued, but I feel games like this need to change: wonderful stories are subjective; mixing them with objective gameplay is too messy.

  5. civilwarfare101 says

    I was actually thinking more positively on the ending but now I stand by my original opinion. While the ending in TLOU2 is thematically resonant, it sacrifices way too much common sense to get there. And yeah, I remember being really unsatisfied by the ending. But then again, I am under the opinion that Naughty Dog should have never have a sequel to begin with. They should've just made a new IP and moved on but hey everything needs to get sequels and remakes now.

  6. heysel almendares says

    Amazing study of such a complex game to review. Great work

  7. Lando Vendetta says

    I absolutely loved this game and this still seems like a really well balanced review.

  8. Sherrie Flake says

    been awhile man.

  9. Heavy Western says

    Abby was able to kill Joel because Joel and Tommy just happened to let their guard down to a large group of armed strangers that hardened survivalists like the two of them would be extremely cautious around.Abby was able to reach Joel because Joel just happened to be on patrol outside of his heavily secured compound on the same day Abby and her crew arrive in Jackson.Abby was able to find Joel all by herself in a blizzard because a huge horde of zombies just happened to push her towards the very building Joel and Tommy were held up in.Contrivance, thy name is The Last of Us Part II

  10. Dismantlex says

    I cannot tell you how happy I am to have seen this video pop up in my recommendations. Keep up the excellent work Matt, you're the best at what you do

  11. Rob Hand says

    it courting "woke" culture means that I can effortlessly counter such a move by just never buying such a product. The first game wasn't even very good. Pander to me. Maybe nothing is happening. Maybe the US just is more POC and LGBT. Let them have their game. Its not my game though. Ill vote with my money on some other game or hobby. Maybe not gaming at all. Skiing in Europe seems good.

  12. Daniel Wall says

    This review is one if the tightest criticisms I've ever seen. It encapsulates the benefits and problems of this game insanely well.

  13. DrNuyenVanFaulk says

    Lads, it's a videogame, about zombies. Relax.

  14. Agustine Pimentel says

    It's incredible they everyone is an expert on a game that wasn't and isn't their vision ….

  15. ardias says

    Didn't play it so not going to comment that much, only that ! maybe the best option for the end would be to give the option to the player to either drown Abby or let her go.

  16. TheOrangeRoad says

    She can just learn to play guitar left handed

  17. Gabe Caine says

    Great review, I was looking for a good review of the game that wasn't just praise or just angry trashing. I personally loved what the game did, in terms of story as well as gameplay. However, I fully appreciate your perspective and the way you present your citicisms fairly and dispassionately. I think it goes to show how people can legitimately hold different viewpoints about something without resorting to smearing. Thanks!

  18. Tony Roadhouse says

    Wow, great job. Very level headed. I was so surprised to see all the hate for this game online after I finished it. I’m so glad to see a prominent reviewer not just add to the pile on.

  19. goukigod says

    Easily the best review of this game I’ve seen. I agree with every point you made. On one hand I enjoyed the gameplay and being in the world, but on the other, the story and it’s lack of obvious themes left me feeling like there wasn’t much point to it. It also felt like in their attempt to portray an older wiser Ellie, they stripped out much of what made her such a likable character. In the first game she was the curious and playful juxtaposition to Joel. She was the hope in the story, not just because she might have contained the cure but because she always seemed to see the positive side of things. I get that in the world of the last of us optimism would probably get beaten out of you but nevertheless it was a major bummer and yeah, not really a story worthy of such an interesting character.

  20. Hashim Rahman says

    She could have played the guitar left handed.

  21. Carrion Hound says

    The main problem with the story is that characters dont talk. Ellie doesn't talk with Abby, Abby doesn't talk with Joel. Her response to Joel one question is "guess" which is plain laughable considering we're getting the surprise reveal she's the doctor daughter 10 hours later.

  22. Surgeon of death says

    It’s as if you read my mind. I agree with almost everything you said in this video, especially with your opinions on the narrative. This game is such a mixed bag and honestly it’s so forgettable. And that’s the worst a game can be in my opinion.

  23. moddingspree says

    When Ellie let Abbie go at the end, all I could think is “I spent 70€ on this dog shit ass game”. F to the series and S to naughty dog

  24. hiczok says

    I really did not wanted for Ellie to kill Abby at the end and she finally "forgave" her as she sees the first normal joel memory in years. So it worked for me. She left the guitar there to finally let go. To be able to live on her own and not be crippled by memories. She lost everything and will start anew

  25. hiczok says

    I think Abby and Owen are a very good characers

  26. hiczok says

    I wanted to hate Abby but by the end of the game… oh my god if You don't feel any sympathy for both of these characters

  27. CJanitorC says

    So the bottom line is this. it's an interactive movie, not a videogame. This would have worked well if it had been a movie but it's not.

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