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This video, courtesy of, shows you one of London’s top tourist attractions: “The London Eye”. Take a virtual flight to get a taste of what is like to be aboard of it!!!
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  1. Chris Russell says

    Went here for a 5 Merlin attraction in 1 day challenge the video is on my channel if you want to see it?

  2. Maria Bartusiak says

    Went on it at the weekend, what a waste of money. I thought it was supposed to go all the way round? Went part way, then back down again. Enjoyed everything about London apart from the wheel.

  3. Dan Marchbank says

    i went on the london eye yesterday

  4. fandamme says

    when I was staring at the wheel I thought It should have been painted in red and white colours, so, with blue sky in the background it would resemble the british flag

  5. americansarebeggers says

    If the back round music was turned down, we could hear the man speak

  6. Nafees Azhar says

    LONDON is Awesome!!

  7. sofiia yusef says

    Omg sooooo… UGLY VIEW

  8. ThisisRealLife says

    I had to film a video of the ferris wheel in times square, NYC as my mates back in the UK thought that was fake! (I can assure the eye is real, it's even been on Doctor Who, so it must be real, along with the aliens….)

  9. thomsboys77 says

    Who said anything that British people hates Americans? Most British people (including me) like Americans because we are alies just because some people said they hate Americans does not mean the whole nation does…

  10. MyOldLondonFoods says

    Fantastic views of the city!

  11. Long Thiên says

    has a band one direction so cute….

  12. Josh Agee says

    Fake?? How in the world would this be fake!? It's a real London attraction dipshit, fucking dumbass' these days.

  13. bilal zarif says

    london best

  14. ThisHevGeek62207 says

    @dubwisevibes this isn't fake..? it's a real thing lmao dumbass

  15. grindelwaldprods says

    Now see a film with all the best sights in HD…….. WALKING IN LONDON DVD 2012

  16. grindelwaldprods says

    See all the top London attractions in a walking tour "Footloose in London" (HD)

  17. amiga9200 says

    echt toll und voll interssant!!!;))

  18. Marija Misic says

    nice!! (:

  19. Marija Misic says

    nicoe!! (:

  20. Chaz says

    @pakistan939 i dont want to go to shitty pakistan!

  21. BackInAGiffy says

    @Fayyzz and i don't intend to because what i said is true it has no characteristics its just ugly skyscrapers.
    If i wanted to go to a good skyscraper city it would be New York or Chicago cities worth visiting.

  22. Boris Dimitar says

    My wife found super travel info last week about London . We had a great time with the kids. It is hard to find quality travel guides

    hot-booking . com helped us alot

  23. Professional Bob says

    @ThePesilat Good for them…

  24. augmentator says

    Singapore's wheel may be taller, but it's certainly not better quality, it looks so cheap compared to the London eye.

  25. BackInAGiffy says

    @ThePesilat too bad singapore is a plastic shit hole with no character

  26. Muhammad Syadiq says

    aww too bad! singapore has a bigger Ferris Wheel then you guys :P… 🙂

  27. moodygal51 says

    This looks just amazing but with my fear of heights, don't think I could do it!!

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