The Match That Made Chelsea Buy Kai Havertz !


▶ The Match That Made Chelsea Buy Kai Havertz !
▶ Bayer 04 Leverkusen 2019/2020
▶ All Ball Touches vs Porto (UCL Away)
▶ Chelsea FC Transfer Target
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  1. CFCVideos says

    Please subscribe for more if you like my work??

  2. Soham Roy says

    Seems like pretty average tho

  3. JXIII says

    Imagine his development when he adds weight in the prem..(de bruyne) like play style???

  4. tankandsnook says

    this is only one game?!? lmao wow what a talent

  5. LOUIS 2005 says

    We haven’t bought him yet. Disliked

  6. Vitaly D says

    2:00 That flip tf fr thats flicflac

  7. Ayavga Ason says

    I don't seem to find him interesting

  8. Just Me says

    I need the name of music in this video

  9. Azan Faiz says

    the song is very calm, its feel like watching an angel playing football in evening… ??

  10. GB Gotkeys says

    Does anyone know the music

  11. Khánh Lê says


  12. ubaidillah hazard says

    The next ozil?

  13. Rafi Zacky says

    post pulisic

  14. Charskull says

    Numbers next year. Werner 11 pulisic 10 ziyech 22 havertz 8

  15. Max 8048 says

    He a beast but need too improve his vision and passing

  16. Dee Lama says

    Kai havertz die hard fans like here

  17. Abdull Abdi says

    He havens signed yet

  18. Anand B says

    He's unique and he can build the play from own half

  19. The entire world says

    I like his composure he makes it look simple????

  20. jack wilson says

    I don’t really need this guy is good enough while don’t we invest the money on Benrahma & savic also bring in Gamenez, Gabriel, Oblack, Tagliafico

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