The Music of Cuphead: Recording Floral Fury


A behind-the-scenes look at a big band recording session for Cuphead. Music composed by Kristofer Maddigan. Produced and Edited by Peter Strauss. — Cuphead 4xLP Deluxe Vinyl Soundtrack:

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  1. David López says


  2. Sr Lefty says

    Cup head Is a very good the game

  3. Stan CFC says

    Samba kk

  4. Stan CFC says

    A legenda Brasileira kkkk ??

  5. Drew Butler says

    Our band at concerts: SucksOur band at practice:


    My Dream Is Just Happens In This VideoI Want Play In A Team Like This"Bah Bah Dalalah Duh""Bah Bah Dalallah DUM""Bah Bah Dalalalah Do Dalalah DO da DAHHH""Bah Babaj Dalalah DUH""Bah Dalalalah Lah DUM""Bah Bah Dalalah Do Dalalah"DO BAH"


    when they brung out the real stuff they was killing it

  8. 균열아르메다스 says

    화려한 금색이 나를 감싸네

  9. Tio Jangkrik says

    Rate cuphead: 10 starRate the cuphead studio and the music: 1.000.00 star

  10. kate and henry howlett says

    Duh it sold over 1million copys in under a day

  11. luigi di costanzo says

    Cuphead PS4 pls PLS

  12. Rhocaido says

    Legenda brasileira:Dmdmdmdm DUMAmei…

  13. Bryan Madariaga Hernández says

    When someone tells you to just do a rehearsal do it with the most precise perfection to assert dominance

  14. チューバを愛する者 says


  15. S ans says


  16. Prololcrack #luis says

    This song give me bad memories

  17. David GamingYT says

    Turn on the captions

  18. steven gamer says

    I don't have the cuphed but the songs are so good that I became a fan

  19. Chicken says

    Damn that saxophone dude i´m not a big jazz fan but..

  20. sonic exe says

    this is a perfect you all are good in that

  21. MadeleineFrench says

    Why can’t my band teacher have us play songs like this

  22. Really? Really? says


  23. Fountain of Fire says

    This game rocks

  24. El Jony :D says

    totally real dedication!!!

  25. Che Guevara says

    As difficult as this game is, we can all agree its a masterpiece

  26. Camila Rodriguez says

    Subtítulos en español: sonido de trompetaSubtitulo en ingles y portugués: BA bAh DaLaLAh DuH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Matt Bessette says

    It’s crazy to me that all this work went into a 20-dollar game

  28. red 818x io says

    nine nice

  29. Anderson Faísca says

    E a DLC do jogo quando irá sair?

  30. julio says


  31. Jr Valdovinos says

    Im 75% almost done if u guys can help me with the bee queen can u tell me the best loadout to defeat her

  32. EpicEmpire Ty says

    Love the captions

  33. Franco's Stories says

    Turn on English subtitles, thank me later 🙂

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