The NEW Pokerap!! – ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO by grind3h – Starbomb


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Animated by grind3h

Neon Starbomb Intro created by Nic Vaughan

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  1. Benjamin Gray says

    ah yes my 3 fav pokemon are door shirt and beer

  2. Brick Johnson says

    After Sword and Shield, the Pokémon from this song would be a fucking godsend.

  3. Little Demon Child says

    The greatest of them all is Fiddlyfaddlybiddlybaddilydiddilydoodilyhiddilyhoodily and if you disagree we can't be friends.

  4. Porygon X says


  5. deejayxcrypt says

    Still good 🙂

  6. Xach Johnson says

    The funny thing is I can totally see most of these being actually canon Pokémon in the future.

  7. TheWierdArtist says

    Cat deer could be a real pokemon

  8. Lemuron01 says

    Im always wearing sweatpants when im listening to this song! I feel so left out!

  9. Royal Valkyrie says

    some of these arent that bad

  10. Benton's Budget Animation says

    When you stop playing at gen 4 and come back to the series.Y'know, there's also mega evolution and like 800 Pokemon

  11. Gergő Varga says

    "My Scrorums…"

  12. superandroid23 says

    So wait, is Clevergirl the evolved form of Door? I must know!

  13. Terrell Smith says

    …i like argumint

  14. James Bear says

    Suckle fart?

  15. TheCreeperBoss says

    “Adam’sApple”Well that actually happened

  16. Doctour Two skull says

    I just love how so many (if not all) of their songs feel like bits they would do on game grumps. In fact one of them is! they have a running gag where the old man lusts for link, and low and behold they also have a song of it

  17. Fart Biscuit says


  18. Kijokai says

    I just remembered this and had to fight to remember the name to find it back ? lol

  19. Hambo325 says

    Weenisfriend is best waifu

  20. Rita De Aguiar says

    Pikadilly use flower.

  21. anonymous dude says

    1:06 Art student is my favourite pokemon.

  22. Robin Castle says


  23. minxes69 says

    I am 80 percent certain at least one of these is in sword and shield

  24. SPEKZ says

    Imagine how many different drawings it took just to make this 2 minute video

  25. Sothen says

    Most of them are actually cool.

  26. faroshscale says


  27. Dawson Hernandez says

    Catdeer you can say it dose like like a pokemon

  28. FANTOM net says

    Интересно что ты здесь делаешь?

  29. Scorpionstrike7 says

    1:17 Shatter nut! ?

  30. Ian Janetzke says

    Lamborguineapig actually sounds dope as hell

  31. ZippityZap says

    Tinyhead is the man behind the slaughter 0:41

  32. crowbar says


  33. Youtube Inc says

    Nickelback ?

  34. killa monjvro says

    A C T U A L L Y S A T A N

  35. Nick Bogardus says

    Ah my favorite pokemon.. Man

  36. Augur Of Doom says

    Oh my god, if you haven't watch it at .25 speed. The dialogue is hilarious.

  37. Miss Obama says

    I feel like this is way older than it is

  38. Zaffir Al Giffari says

    My Fav is Pillowbite

  39. Aaron O’Neill says

    Trainlick seems like something they would actually add.

  40. darkness rising24 says

    I kind of want to see this redone with the names used in this video… But with Pokemon from future Generations.

  41. BlaDes Cartoons says

    Man nostalgia hits hard

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