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  1. AWildHumanoid says

    How many times will we tell manny about chemistry

  2. jason barima says

    Diego souza

  3. jason barima says

    Many shows buy Adam hlozek

  4. N N says

    manny you can't play 2 playmakers in midfield and expect balance it's not the game that is dead or bad it's just the tactic is unbalanced

  5. SUPER MIDGET says

    Manny is so crap at fm??

  6. natetw7 says

    Typical manny every fm save doesn’t know how to play the game doesn’t learn how to play the game and never buys in the positions he needs and screams when he loses games

  7. Michael Duncan says

    Rangers sold everyone

  8. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  9. Tayfun Demirkan says

    Manny dead signings ngl

  10. B says

    Oh dear god dont put Vik the manager of Leeds, straight back down. Edit: oh dear hes bought augustin and sold klich what is he doing.

  11. Angel S says

    What happened to getting new defenders ??

  12. Ali says

    The banter is hilarious

  13. aleh stairFM says

    If you wanna catch more FM content then you should check some of my vids out <3

  14. HarvMarks4 says

    Ryan Bertrand ye? ??

  15. Rohan Taylor says

    How you gonna put Vikram at Leeds

  16. Jordy Walters says

    You’ve signed young talents that take a couple of seasons and you deffo are doing a Fulham and qpr when they was in the prem and signed to many people

  17. A D says

    4 young strikers loan them out to develop…..

  18. A D says

    He always signs players he dosent need ???

  19. Feranmi Adefalu says

    please which ethan is it bezhingha ethan please reply if u know

  20. Maria Agbor says

    Manny has been robbed by mav

  21. YellaYetti The Mythical says

    Man Burnley is going to weave yall! Wow he got crazy good youngsters in.

  22. YellaYetti The Mythical says

    Nah my mates and I make sure everyone schedules a weekend off for fm20. Can't go a whole transfer window without a signing c'mon.

  23. Austin Houghton says

    Manny, you’ve made too many signings, the base Newcastle team always dose well in FM, the likes of shelvey, Longstaff, Lacelles are always good.

  24. Bjorn Barreto says

    Should have bought a better centre back lascelles is crap that's what Manny said last season. Plus the team havent gelled yet so should improve after the next ten games.

  25. Dean Peters says

    Now I see why you are where you are in the latest twitch streams. Useless Manny. Streamer showdown must of been a fluke

  26. Salem Alqahtani says


  27. Ryan H says

    Manny getting pissed because he’s getting piped by Man U is he forgetting he’s fkin Newcastle and they are united youd expect him to lose

  28. Euan Macmillan says

    People say rangers wouldn't make it in the Prem yet they have all stripped the whole squad ??

  29. Marcos Batista says

    Put your Wingers on Attack your Striker needs help up there

  30. LA FORZA92 says

    Glad these are back. So freaking entertaining

  31. Tee Hee says

    John Guidetti is a decent option upfront. Natural in AF and hes a solid europa league player and counts as homegrown.

  32. Just The Dave says

    Try 433 with 1 dm an ap a bbm and a dlp

  33. Paul Holban says

    I would like to see preseason next season

  34. Aidan Conlon says

    Loving these types of videos so interesting and realistic keep it up

  35. Sam Holmes says

    why does Manny cry all the time looool

  36. Logan Baxter says

    Need a goalkeeper

  37. Manuel Hung says

    Unreal series, will be so good with ethan, one of the only likeable sidemen

  38. Lipton says

    Manny: im gonna sort out my defence with these ps Also manny : goes and buy bare teenage strikers Dead manager

  39. Dodgy Dpad says

    Marcos kana. I'll just leave that name there for you bro.

  40. Martin Abdou says

    Just me was all of those people businesses either average or shit

  41. Daniel Leslie says

    Is VikRam VikStar123?

  42. RL7 says

    Burnley done business there. I’m early in the vid, but mad window

  43. Max Whitehouse says

    As soon as manny showed his signings, I said?

  44. ThatGuysJokes says

  45. Captain Star says

    Who is the Fulham manager?


    cmonnnnn man like mannnnyyyyyyyy finallyyy

  47. Robert Walters says

    Manny come on man you've been playing this game for years stop blaming the game and own up to your mistakes. Said it yourself you needed defenders and yet your defence is awful. Recognise and get better man we all wanna see you succeed. Gl for rest of season, sell some dead players (Almiron) and get some defenders.

  48. Emmanuel Adu Essah says

    Best series going

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