THE *PERFECT* IMPOSTER GAME… (ft. Valkyrae, CourageJD, Nadeshot, Yassuo, & 100T)




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  1. Techno G says

    im pretty new to this channel, i dont really watch anyone he plays with, but why does moe sound like ben shapiro

  2. CopesConnor234 says

    I donated in this stream not lying

  3. flyrocket19 says

    bruh why keep the other among us streams up in full but shorten this one?

  4. Doctor Fuze says

    Hearing Moe on a Noah's stream/video feels cursed

  5. Tommybasedgod3 says

    This stream was the funniest stream I had ever watched

  6. Txiong14 says

    Noah making plays with Nadeshot.

  7. Aidan Jaimes says

    Moe is awful

  8. Rx Legend says

    Well there goes my plan of watching the rest later.

  9. Bailey Caudill says

    where is the whole stream

  10. Dirty_Max 351 says

    Bro don’t trim please

  11. Furious boy says

    Moe full 3rd imposter

  12. Frito says

    Please put the full version back up <3

  13. My Friend Sean says

    This was such a big brain game

  14. Reese Rose meter says

    Noahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we need the full stream

  15. ecfromclass says

    “played her like a book”-Noah 2020

  16. Xavier Ramsey says

    Everyone he had to cut down the stream because there was a mob at the end also I remember him saying he was going to cut down the stream

  17. James Perrott says

    This is my first time watching this game and Jesus CHRIST what is wrong with that girl, how can you possibly take it that seriously and get that mad, she sounds horrible to play with

  18. iSuckAtNames says

    i just realized the dead ops arcade music would suite this game perfectly

  19. Reese Rose meter says

    Noah I wanna watch the full stream!!!!😓

  20. EpicGamerzFail says

    Ngl your friends choked pretty hard.

  21. Damian Andy says

    Love this part way better then the try hard sweats.

  22. Quixyy says

    Feels bad for Rae 😢😪

  23. Rahim Sultani says

    i think we all know what really happened here

  24. ainsley hariott says

    Bro whydyu cut it

  25. Michael K says

    Guys, he cut the stream to show this insane impostor gameplay. If anyone of you were in that stream yesterday, not too many hype moments happened. This was the best and only good round for Noah. He struggled with the 10 IQ party lmao.

  26. Judgment says

    Noah, perhaps you can put full stream and the edited video both up?

  27. Jordan Holmlund says

    Watched the full stream and not a fan of this group of ppl. Everyone was so unreasonable and pointing fingers right away rather then discuss. Stick to your zombie boys 👍🔥

  28. Brett Larsen says

    Booooo where's the full version??? At least upload it on your second channel!

  29. Viktor Montano says

    He actually cut it down to this one game😂

  30. The.Supercar.Bible says

    Where’s the full stream? Just lately it seems most of the streamers (who coincidentally are American) I have been watching through out lockdown/COVID are starting to shift the stream times and not keeping the full streams up… bit disappointing especially living in the UK as it’s not possible to watch at 2am on a work day 🥺

  31. #1 Spextre says

    Man what happened to the stream. I was just watching it not too long ago and then boom it’s cut.

  32. JerryDaGoat says

    I thought he was gonna make a video on when Noah and jack were voted off for breathing

  33. JackSmacks says

    For everyone upset he chopped it. Trust me, be glad he chopped it, it was sooo bad crew lost every single time and it was just a bunch of people yelling and pretty toxic.

  34. RoboCam says

    I really wish you could have left the stream up for at least 24 hours.

  35. Sarahbunnie says

    honestly, if the three stooges was a group

  36. f0xxi3 says
  37. Hayden says

    Never play with this girl again

  38. Power Boi says

    no shortening plz noah

  39. Exselior Pheonix says

    It's only 13 minutes for me

  40. BatGingerman says

    very upset and sad that it was cut down. please keep the long streams up, especially of this game. not all of us can catch streams so being able to go back and watch is very good and makes us happy.when its cut down, its very sad.

  41. river Mullen says

    Bro he really deleted the rest

  42. Itzchamz says

    Nooooooo wanted the full stream rip

  43. MicrowaveMMM MMM says

    Remember when froste voted for himself

  44. Emily West says

    Man I didn’t get to finish watching the whole thing and you only put a clip up sad day

  45. LYMGY says


  46. new bert says

    Bru after watching this I played a game and got in a ten people room with one imposter. I was the imposter killed all but two ppl and tricks one of the last two to vote out the other guy and I won. 😂😂

  47. P0W3R 0UT4GE says


  48. perilous-panda 49 says

    Full stream dammit

  49. Nathan Atkinson says

    At 4:47 straight over there head basically said that one wasn't me

  50. E BUST says

    Noah is just too good!

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