The Problem With Fast Fashion | Teen Vogue


Do you love those cheap, fashionable, clothes you can find at places like Zara and H&M? The rise of “fast fashion” has changed the way we buy and wear clothes, but at what cost?

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The Problem With Fast Fashion | Teen Vogue

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  1. A Human says

    Haha immigration caused child labor the mexicans can leave. build the wall we win thse

  2. Adrian Andalon says

    dang that a be a big boofer for china. takin da easy dubsss

  3. Simon Ho says


  4. Isa Spies says

    Hi huns! Just made a "Sustainable Fashion 101" video on my channel- would love if y'all checked it out! Linked here 🙂 >>>–jKi8wq3Y8g69Q6UWmMv8hKnr2nqEji8s

  5. Mon Acosta says

    Sometimes the choice is sweatshop or prostitution. I live in a worker's town in the Philippines were literally factories for various brands are being produced.

  6. Harleylover14 says

    Great video, but the music was super distracting.

  7. samantha Francis says

    If I had a chance to have a recycling bin that is filled with fast fashion I would donate half of the clothing items and the other half will be use to make some stuff for household usages but I don't have one so yeah like this comment if you think it's a cool idea

  8. 16bitFishing says

    It's 2020 and yall still can't figure out how to make a t-shirt without using a sweat shop

  9. Sarah Dayle says

    I had my first closet clean out last week since I was 12 years old, I’m 18 and most of the clothes I “got rud if were ones that no longer fit or I no longer wore.EVERTHING (unless it was damaged beyond repair) was donated. I didn’t realize people didn’t donate their old things until literally a month ago when a few friends mentioned throwing out old clothes. Like I’m the youngest in my family generation so I don’t really have anyone to hand down to but I’m not about to throw it out. They thought I was the weird one for having a donation pile in my house. (Pile of books, toys, clothes, supplies that are to be donated eventually)

  10. Aditya Unni says

    Celebrities preach about environment and their the ones causing all this.

  11. Johnathan Smith says

    Ok then make fashion that isn't fast not cost a billion dollars.

  12. Ben says
  13. madiii !! says

    whoops just watched this after ordering 6 items on shein for 38 dollars

  14. Edward Thomas says

    Fast fashion needs to stop.

  15. Flavio Rivera says

    I'm happy you made a video about this topic but you should really talk to the companies and do lawsuits if you really want

  16. Flavio Rivera says

    Yeah it's a problem but I make low income and I want to look nice and is not my problem. A company allows it so as a consumer that ain't my problem

  17. Flavio Rivera says

    I hate that she's trying to make me feel bad when she's guilty herself dumbass

  18. Phlegethon says

    Your map of China is wrong 🇨🇳

  19. LAWoman323213 says

    I would like to know who are all these people who “throw away” their clothing. I have NEVER thrown away clothes. I give them to friends, donate them, or sell them.

  20. Maire Emily says

    Informative but that background music was unbearable…

  21. 3 33 says

    Ah yes cause teen vogue totally advertise good brands and don't impulse people to follow fast fashion😕

  22. Lksbdbwjsjsj LAnsbsnejajaka says

    How about thrift shopping

  23. Synthetic Aesthetic says

    at around 4 min the mic quality dips hard for a second.

  24. Lulu says

    Honestly it’s up to these big industries to change their ways, people can only afford so much and choose what’s easy for them not everyone has the money or time.

  25. ThaCuzzyK. says

    No wun cares

  26. Laura Guerro says

    Slow fashion= How some of the higher fashion houses still operate.

  27. A K says

    In Russia salaries are so low that fast fashion is the only clothes people can afford. Even Zara is not affardable for many many people. That is sad, but that is true, so fast fashion may be the only opportunity for millions of people to buy clothes

  28. Hannah Shark says

    Oof that audio insert

  29. smexy pancake says

    5:06 SaVe tHe tUrTlEs!! 5:18 “ iS It WoRtH iT??” her: NaH , lEtS nOt bUy cloThEs AnYmOrE! WhOs WiTh mE!? // most ppl in the comments: “ FiNalLy SoMeOnEs TaLkInG AbOuT tHiS!! // the next day: goes shopping💀

  30. Hazxxsaurus says

    Is fast fashion a location thing?

  31. Jose says

    BOYCOT TO FAST FASHION NOW ! if we want to thrive as humanity

  32. NiKoRaSu says

    Now please make a video which explains that many high fashion brands are super intransparent, burn their stock and produce a lot of times in the same factories like zara &co

  33. Soul Fashion says

    Awesome massage, It encourage Soul fashion keep going to interview more designer and brands to who are support sustentable fashion.

  34. Joody says

    THANK YOU!!!!

  35. Adrian IP [09B2] says

    No advertising fashion companies

  36. charmaine harvey says

    i don't get it, none of this made sense.

  37. Alisha Sharma says

    10,000 like

  38. ada müller says

    teen vogue are you kidding me you literally promote fast fashion everyday

  39. Misterlivs says

    that's why i love thrifting so much!!

  40. Melissa Tessari says

    The idea that everyone should be able to thrift or afford the $35 for a "sustainable" tee shirt is so Western-centric and classist. My low-paying job requires professional attire despite being a job that constantly damages my clothing. I must not have the kind of thrift stores you all seem to have.

  41. Morphing Jar says

    Turns out my penny pinching ways and my disdain for wearing synthetic fibres make me pretty eco friendly.

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