1. imsolive89 says

    this already exists …..its called Democracy Now. they need your donations too

  2. Chewu says

    hey the folks on the hill, why would there be such an obscure programme on this?.. its funny and true though

  3. Alex609 says

    ok i would love this if they are really neutral

  4. redryan5048 says

    Stop this Communist jibber jabber before it destroys us all Sucka!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ace C. says

    i hope they are not lying;
    because we really need something like this

  6. crock703 says

    Yeah, this is tricky. Since they are reliant on viewer donations, they could just as likely follow viewer demands when they make their content. If another similar network popped up, viewers might polarize, then we'd really have atomized news.

    Another beef, its hard to take anything seriously that is titled "The Real News," maybe their future competitor can the the "True News Network"

  7. Dan Solo says

    I wonder if they will report on the dissenting opinions of climate change, on women's violence, not just violence to them, and so on. My first impression is, this is the same scam that was pulled with PBS years ago.

  8. David Knight says

    A reasonable idea. There is no need to recreate the wheel, however. Much of what is news is not really controversial. The companies want to sell products to people, right? They have merged so much and become so powerful, that they can manipulate those people through censorship. Your group could focus on seeing the news through another lense, or from another angle. (Or in SOME cases, noticing it at all)
    May you always be able to steer clear of corruption and intimidation of all forms.

  9. alternateID666 says

    Way to go in taking the broadcast monopoly over from the powerful corporate owned mainstream.
    As for the internet scene, I have been excited about this new startup faceoftruth dot com which seem to be doing a good job of countering the Google News monopoly

  10. neatcats says

    good luck. you'll need it.

  11. Jason biser says

    to balance out a green appearance to try and not look like they have a green bias, would mean something like defending corporations or rites to further activities which may influence global warming??? I mean devils advocate? Only they're not getting paid by corporations, so I don't see then pandering to anyone so far, nor do I predict it in the future. All we gotta do is DONATE!

  12. Jason biser says

    Don't confuse critical analysis of all situations and public broadcast without spin as being leftist. Thats proper journalism, they'll give any Real News on any party or politically news worthy event. Non partisan.

    Being green, and acceptance of observable facts and provable science go hand in hand. So consider that.

    – They're not leftist, they're open minded and logical.
    – They're green because they don't ignore the facts or correlations.

  13. MrNomoniker says

    This is exciting.
    They've hit the nail on the head about what's wrong with the media which has so much to do with what's wrong with society.
    To make a really significant impact, however, I feel like this needs to be a 24 hour channel. All the restaurants and bars and hotel lobbies around the world would still be piping in the bogus corporate media message passively brainwashing whoever happens by.

  14. Donald says

    The network will still be skewed toward regions where the most donations are coming from. That'll decide which demographics are most important to the network. They are not going to want to report on something that is going to hinder the flow of donations and some real news SHOULD cause instability and unrest.

  15. Fritson says

    I like the Real News concepts. More power to you people in the Real News.

    Thank you,

  16. bmgri says

    The news and who reports it are inseperable. It's always going to have spin. What's fresh here is that it's free from the corporate pressure that has gotten a grip of the political right and then the major networks. Integrity and transparency is what's needed.

  17. John 'Nick' Rosemas says

    I like the idea…I just wonder if this news will be politically motivated just disguised as otherwise.

  18. Why I Hate the World says

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the Pacifica foundation?

    Finally, a companion Television network I can watch that will not make me automatically vomit.

  19. DjMydnyte says

    Getting closer to the right idea, but still too much sensationalism, too much spin (even if I agree with the spin). I *CRAVE* a network that Just. Reports. The. News.

  20. Fuggs70 says

    Any attempt at change is noble. I see plenty of concern, "can they truly be objective?". Yes indeed, we have formed a DEEP mistrust of media, and it's well deserved.
    How about watch, then judge, then decide if it's something new.
    Your power of reason is what separates you from our slightly lesser-evolved companions on this marble in space. Use it for yourself when the time comes. Now go use your time in ignorant bliss wisely, searching for porn.

  21. Top Man says

    how about – let's look at actual evidence of humans fucking up the planet and present the REAL NEWS on environmental issues.. You don't think environmentalism started with Al Gore do you? 🙂

    Educated people have been trying to raise the issue of global warming for decades, so it's definitely worth looking into… But you're 100% right that we need to see past the scaremongering and ask the question 'who benefits' here..

  22. goodshorts says

    this "network" is probably owned, or at least its "top funder" is Al Gore.

  23. goodshorts says

    this network is owned just like any other network, they just claim to be "non-profit" and can easily funnel their funds from the highest bidder.

  24. aneurin says

    if it was going to be available in britain I'd definitely be giving my $10.
    and even if you do disagree with the idea of global warming, you must surely see that everything else about this is a good idea!
    if they really are as free from corporate and political interests as they say, and they are also well funded, this will be one of the greatest events in the history of journalism!

  25. BadMuffler says

    there are not 2 sides to a crisis you stupid fuck . 99 percent of world scientists agree it's a man made crisis get your head out of rush Limbaugh's ignorant ass.

  26. genericdefect says

    Through much of the first centuries of the Republic, colorful local press were the norm. Most journals were subscription driven. Later, the advertisement driven model superseded them economically, and narrowed the number of sources of information. The quality of that information was further degraded by commercial pressure.

    Today we hear much about the "tyranny of the amateur" conquering our cultural spaces as if it were something new. It is in fact a restoration.

  27. kopiluwak says

    Watch MSNBC or CNN it is the same liberal crap and it is free. Stop whining about FOX getting the ratings, there is a reason for that. WHAAAAAA freaking bleeding hearts crying again.

  28. funkysandman says

    it was call global warning…not warming

  29. erasmosis says

    Umm… it is a crisis. Do you live under a rock?

  30. themadninja says

    as much as I love bashing right-wing types, there's still always a difference between the truth and any kind of bias; I was pointing out there was quite the liberal bias to this video, but in many ways that's a welcome change compared to the crap seen on network television. I subscribed. I'm hopeful, but at this point it's looking pretty biased. maybe in a good way, but it's still there.

  31. themadninja says

    so is it going to actually going to be an unbiased news source, or just a news source with an extreme liberal slant instead of conservative slant? Because from what I've been seeing…

  32. Elijah Lynn says

    Go Ron Paul!! This will be great! he will get some good and equal airtime!

    Hooray for a real news channel! Things are a changin'!

  33. ctb619 says

    might as well call it the Marxist News Network

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