1. karmyn MARRIOTT says

    Flamingo notice Andre she got good idea

  2. Duztin Asher says

    Did some or you guys got the no menu and player stat it does for me kinda everytime

  3. GBzeuz says

    The fun part is when people have fun and make a conversation on the comment section

  4. Theo Nicole Houston says

    This is a Roblox recreation of dark deception

  5. iiPeachyii says

    Hi Albert :3

  6. TrashyMerely says

    If he was scared of spiders hes phobia: arachnophobia

  7. AlmondMiLk says

    Thank you albert you have know shown me im scared of water

  8. Geno!Sans says

    I have claustrophobia and none of the others

  9. Kashawnda Gould says

    Did it says sewer ?????

  10. Pastel Light -w- says

    These are all my nightmares in one video ?-?

  11. Dinno ClanS Vloging CHANNEL says

    I’m one of this people that don’t like the water .~.

  12. Galactic says

    this game scares me

  13. Pete Black says

    Albert: Fear of loud music

  14. Irelyn’s Gacha world! says

    This game reminds me of dark deception with the music and design of the levels

  15. Gvido Akmentiņš says

    Some of maps are like from dark deception

  16. Alyshia Ratt says

    2:06 who else flinched with him ?

  17. corn _e says

    Paradise life idea:go to someone's house and slowly make the house compress and how long they notice

  18. corn _e says

    Paradise life idea:go to someone's house and slowly make the house compress and how long they notice

  19. Tanna Dallas-Fair says

    I get angry when people look at me to

  20. Bonnie - Gaming says

    The game got shut down we can’t play it anymore 🙁

  21. Casandrazy Play’s roblox says

    Hey um flamgo/Albert the creator wants you to take down the vid cause he dosent want the game to be popular it would help him out a lot thx for reading if you did

  22. e says

    yo my bsf has thalassaphobia or however you spell it and when I saw you do that one I was like: B) Yo my bsf needs to play this

  23. Turtle Turtle says

    im outta here maybe later when its not litterlaly 2 am

  24. Dr . horrific mineblox says

    alberts last video:"natural disaster"albert:one day im gonna stare at someones housealso albert:(this video) "BEING STARED"

  25. 『I_amUnicornGirl 』 says

    “The game of fears.”Me that has trypophobia:well, heck.

  26. Dr . horrific mineblox says

    now i know that i have claustrophobia

  27. Phan Pham says

    Flamingo: I just get angry when people look at meMe: We look at you in your videos, you hate that? xD (This a joke! I love your vids, best love and support to you!)

  28. Juliette Cho says

    Yo I hate the dark ee-

  29. Ethxn says

    My dad must have Scoptophobia because the moment I looked away he disappeared

  30. get noob says

    #### ###

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