1. Bruna Souza says

    nossa que top

  2. hadi ariyanto says

    she looks like villanelle

  3. ShadoeFax1986 says

    Lemme guess, she gets kidnapped and he saves sheriff at end

  4. tearofnight says

    Decent movie… worth watching!

  5. Hadi Taleb says

    Ok movie, but couldn’t find the connection of the floating dead body of a man in the beginning to the whole movie…

  6. ваня ополько says


  7. Aithos of Baldea Langrisser Videos says

    Plot Twist: This is a Saw prequel.

  8. Diana Fajjy says

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  9. Shelly M says

    OH MY GOSH can someone just tell me if this movie is a good watch? Thank you

  10. Samy Nejmi says

    Im here just for jamie fooking lannister.

  11. Tak says

    The killer is gonna get messed up by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, his inner Shot Caller is going to come out once he finds him.

  12. Satyadas Satya Das says


  13. James says

    such a bad movie. too many plot holes, bad character choices and anti climatic killer motive. not even Nikolaj Coster can save this movie. Tries to be like Wind River which is a great film.

  14. ALMIRA LAURA says

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  15. Karmic Wheel says

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  16. Daniel Harizanov says

    One of the best movies for 2020

  17. Alexandre Wealth says

    Who's gonna watch this only because Hardin Scott is in the Movie? =)

  18. Matthew Martinez says

    Hbo better call him and Kaitlyn Dever right now.

  19. Azzie Pratama says

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  20. valeria maffei says


  21. Sakshi Katoch says

    Jamie Lannister..

  22. Miss Glenda says

    This movie left me with so many questions…?

  23. Bangii SS says

    a female detective this time…nice

  24. True says

    Just watched half of the movie. It's pretty boring and I can't say it's original or anything either as it has already been done before in a much better movie called "The Frozen Ground".

  25. TONY NYC says

    Great actor. He was awesome in that Prison movie.

  26. pfear83 says

    Them arrows are hitting so many trees.

  27. I have great Comments says

    came for the comment section to see if I should watch it or not LITERALLY EVERYONE: hE shOuld bE jOel fRoM tHe LasT oF uS”

  28. ვაშლის ჯემი says

    i fuckin' loved this movie it was very tense!! : * recommended!!

  29. andy lai says

    it's an average thriller. 3/5.

  30. Louis Tayler says

    he is a great choice for joel

  31. Helena Inácio says

    muito bom

  32. Dylan Griffin says

    is it just me or are trailers beginning to look worse and worse?

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