The Struts – Body Talks (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)


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  1. heisenberg potter says

    Now that Adriana left, I'm worried for Candice and Behati's shoulders for carrying the whole shows in future.

  2. Lestari says

    dudee this is the best stage for this year show!

  3. Lia & Daisy says


  4. Melon Bar says


  5. Tuan Pham says

    Adriana's Last runway, also Last minutes of vs show era

  6. Cindy Hagan says

    Absolutely beautiful

  7. Julia Chaves says


  8. Gefferson Santana says

    Todos se levantaram quando a Adriana ?? (rainha) chegou. Qual a graça do VS agora, sem ela ???

  9. Kiim g says

    Adrina is always exaggerated.

  10. makiyah barnett says

    I will never get over kris recording Kendall such a mom ?

  11. Kusuma F. says

    No more "Adriana is off the runway" ?

  12. Jaisson Franklin says

    Adriana lima hermosa

  13. Jaisson Franklin says

    Lais ribeiro maravilhosa

  14. Sindy Sistaputri says

    Candice is the best

  15. Elenh Gkosiou says

    Adriana retired from runways in general or just Victoria's secret?????

  16. Leen Issa says

    I don't like Elsa with short hair

  17. BethRose says

    the guitarist is a genius! love that guy!

  18. Mircea Onea says

    Notice the fact that Adriana wore the same type of lingerie like her first walk in 1999 amazing

  19. Alan Nme says

    Who are the girls?1:023:32 (girl w gloves)

  20. Sulaiman Ahwan says

    Love this segment

  21. Rhapsody XoXo says

    that energy??

  22. Rebeca Oliveira says

    Adriana Lima ?????????

  23. danna loves gigi n barbara says

    Imagine Barbara Palvin in this segment. Amazing. She would look spectacular in any segment. One of the best in VS

  24. Mr Vendetta says

    Did you see how fast changes the face of the guy at the minute 2:26?

  25. Jaki Santiago says

    OH SHIT2:45


    Lais just killed!

  27. Luke 5sos says

    y’all hate on Kendall just cuz she’s a “kardashian/jenner” i think she killed it and looked beautiful. don’t hate on other women unless u have a reason

  28. phylicia lascaze says

    That first model tho????? I wish I had her body I swearrr

  29. Dishani Roy says

    Gigi ???

  30. Salu Ali AZHER says

    2:25 Look at Kris Jenner she's so happy ND proud watching her daughter living her dream I love it ❤️❤️❤️

  31. maria rizalina Cirujales says

    But she was highest paid supermodel in the world last 2017

  32. Nikki Gal says

    Kris waving at Kendall lmao

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