THE SWEATS – (Official Music Video) A Fortnite Parody Of 'The Scotts' #FaZe5


“THE SWEATS” A Fortnite Parody Of The Scotts By Travis Scott

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#Fortnite #THESCOTTS #FaZe5

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  1. xDogged says

    Leave a LIKE, Let's make a lyric chain, I'll start:We see a fight outside…(ps code: xdogged in the item shop #ad)

  2. Arsh Patel says


  3. WanneGames _YT says

    I like this song

  4. IYN EYE II EYE says

    2:02 what a sweat missing all his shots

  5. Amaury Forceville says


  6. Samuel Jakub says


  7. Dark_thunder 366 says

    Well nice ramps noobs

  8. MrDPad says

    Better than “The Bots”

  9. xD ShaunGaming says


  10. darkshadow says

    bruh they were real jerks who was the swets there so bullying

  11. Skelts108 says

    Luv it

  12. Tenuun Dulguun says

    lets go! i was waiting for this!!!

  13. Ov3rlord 555 says

    bot: shoots one pistol shotSweats: literally building a 5 storey hotel in 3 seconds

  14. Horizontal Zoril says

    Youtube: let's give the notification to Horizontal Zoril 3 days late!

  15. Alayssa Tolentino says

    Your being toxic sweaty deafault can fight back duh

  16. vital _clan says

    Im a noob so i get this):

  17. xxbossguy__什麼 recordz_and_vlogz says

    This is the best video for me

  18. Kal-El Kent says

    Nah but like, I'm a serious bot and the sweats I'm against have crap aim, most of the time I kill them and I have an alright win rate.

  19. JHaggs 09 says

    You win

  20. Kail Edwards says


  21. Yousef Ahmed says

    Hay us bots are good

  22. eliana natera says

    I hate sweats they ruin the game for everyone

  23. ii kobefan2 says

    tryhard bulid 00:13

  24. Dycer Doggie says

    Yes another one

  25. محمد وليد says

    First : BotsSecond : SweatNext : MemesLyrics For Meme Version :We Saw A Fight Outsitde : Skibbidi OutThere’s An RPG Outside : Rocket Ride OutWe Get The Dub Ouside : Rick Roll Them OutYouv’e Been Distracted Now : Use Memes Got Some CloutNext Verse :Ninja The Man Outside : Say To Him NowRick Astley’s Right Outside , Let’s Rick Roll OutWe See More Memes Outside : Let’s Meet Them NowHe Drink A Lot Of The Slurp : Then Crank Out The MemesYouv’e Been Distracted Now : Us Memes Got Some CloutFinal Part :We See Some Bots Hiding In Trees : And Some Sweats Tryna Do 90sWe Win For Rick Roll : Us Sweats Got Some Clout

  26. DJ says

    your videos are awesome keep it up

  27. Imcilemtkid_YT says

    I am a sweat but hate being sweaty I love memeing like the og days in season 8 and 9

  28. CanHD says

    This makes me cry, even tho im a sweat :/

  29. Frosty Blade says

    The fact that a sweat that my friend watches ur video he still practicing to be a sweat I hate sweats bro

  30. goulcl says

    This is also amazing and you xDogged have put lots of work and appreciation into the song.

  31. goulcl says

    Do the make it out West emote as a song.

  32. Siddhant PAUL says

    Nice man this is awsome!

  33. black _dragon2703 says

    1:47 this is the game nowYou are in at the part of the sweats or the memes?

  34. ICEY CLAN_YT says

    You’re an asshole just because we are defaults doesn’t mean we are bad

  35. NinjaGamer says

    sweats:we hate controller playersalso sweats:lassa lasser laesssa/whited whited/ded/sh*t onnnnnnnn!!

  36. Ibby S says

    This is fire

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