The Time Kanye and Ninja of Die Antwoord Played Basketball at Drake's | PARTY LEGENDS


Die Antwoord’s Ninja recounts a wild story about Kanye West and Drake.

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The Time Kanye and Ninja of Die Antwoord Played Basketball at Drake’s | PARTY LEGENDS

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  1. Ev The Schon says

    he reminds me of the purple Monstar from Space Jam

  2. Matt Barnes says

    At 4:01. Key and peel?

  3. Sauga Direct says

    All the dislikes be butthurt drake fans

  4. chey cat says

    I fucking love drake lol and kanye and you guys… fucking legit

  5. noahh a says

    I thought it was fortnite ninja

  6. The space Man says

    Man washed the pots, EY big respect

  7. laurenlaurenlaureify says

    I love that he blocked Kanye because he got uncomfortable

  8. Douglas Souza says

    Kayne West Bloqueado Por Die Antwoord super normal

  9. Energy Guy says

    “And there was a giraffe… not an actual giraffe but like a sculpture” 😂

  10. Ellis Dee says

    Ninja got an Aphex Twin tat

  11. Kelly Swanson says

    LOL/// I love these three so its funny to see them hang out from different worlds of the rap umbrella…. The blured teabag… lol thats just raunchy funny… yeah… banana pudding.

  12. Stasia Collins says

    "Nobody even hit me. It was ridiculous"…omg this guy is just fuckin' great!

  13. L. A. says

    Ninja is the only Person in the world I actually buy this Story from.

  14. john goodwin says

    The t-bag dunk was epic 😂 super slow mo for effect. Yup that would have been priceless
    I got to say, kanye is ok, but ninja is legit as it gets. He is about his craft, and straightforward as you could be.

  15. Ing. Karina Dávila says

    Ninja warned us. Kanye is just… WEIRD

  16. Dezikat Otaku says

    Best documentary ever!!!! I got way more respect for ninja lmao fuckin love it!! Keeping it real!

  17. Vlad Tepes says

    i love being other peoples fashion accessoire tho.

  18. JJ Knight says

    VICE, DELETE this video, Die antwood are horrifyingly scummy people, trust me they are worse than anyone reading this and wanting to jump to their defence thinks they are.

  19. dandfard says

    cant even tell if this story is real

  20. Brittany Baker says

    Don't blame me

  21. Brittany Baker says

    Whatever it is ninja

  22. Zachary Hoopes says

    I died after saying pixelated testicles

  23. David Pelton says

    This all could have been prevented if you had blocked his number earlier.

  24. Kate says

    here for the insight into the presidential candidate. the pudding guy.

  25. feeling irie says

    My FAV part is the end whistle 🤣

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