The true cost of fast fashion | The Economist


Millions of tonnes of clothes end up in landfill every year—it’s one of the fastest-growing categories of waste in the world. How can the fashion industry continue to grow while addressing the environmental need for people to buy fewer clothes?

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  1. La Moria says

    2019 : cloth are thrown away2020 : I'm gonna end this man's whole carrier2021 : consumerism rises up at an alarming rate

  2. Aditya Unni says

    Celebrities preach about environment and their the ones causing all this.

  3. trap land says

    only watching for school

  4. Lily Rose says

    this is soooo boring

  5. A R C H I E says

    I’m not asking for likes, but who is here for class work, Comment

  6. Tuấn Thái Dương says

    It only takes into effect to low-income people. And sadly their category is overwhelming in social structure.

  7. Billy Fox says

    Charity shops: they're an answer.

  8. _Cooper.V2 says

    How many products are produced a year I am doing my work someone answer me within the hour

  9. abnattitude says

    Every product needs to have a disposal fee tagged on it. The cost associated with returning it harmlessly to nature

  10. TirroticReaper14 says

    rent a swag is real !!!!

  11. Ραφαηλ Μποζιος says

    eiste gia ton poutso

  12. Code Designs says

    Why to dubai? do they have hidden poverty? Maybe there rich ones should be held accountable or maybe that city should stop borrowing money.

  13. BOOMbro. says

    We need a Fashion Revival Literally let's get back to the quality brands that stood the testOf time Polo Ralph Lauren ChapsNautica IZOD timeless goods cudos to Patagonia.

  14. Angelie Sue says

    When we as human seek validation buy buying clothes when we had more then enough, technology which average we used 2 years and then we buy a new one.

  15. Ş̡͠hrekt says

    Ok boomer

  16. Manish VIBES says

    Buying clothes is waste of time and money ?

  17. Chala Hannon says

    I thoroughly enjoyed this! ❤️

  18. s e r u m says

    Allowing 10 fingers to do the addition isn't a non issue Wear clothes that finesse the physical body in a whole purchase by height in HISTORY not you ideas ????

  19. Carter Aufdenkamp says

    The Cost of Fast Fashion: slot less than other clothes

  20. Knowledge Is Key says

    How much should a tshirt cost? or a jacket? or some jeans?For me, i would be willing to spend max $30 on a (amazing) t shirt, $150 on a jacket, and $70 on some jeans. So long as they lasted me a very long time. What would the cost be to make sustainable tshirts, jackets, and jeans that are fashionable?

  21. Lou Chatman says

    Thank you for posting in giving me an understanding

  22. Mac Miller says

    I doubt that shipping clothes back and forth helps the problem

  23. The Quranic Wisdom says

    I have graduated 2 years back still me and my mum wears my class 6th sweater. Thanks to my mother, she takes care of clothes so well, it still looks new ?

  24. Neha Chitte says

    Indians are after brought up in the culture of reuse, reduce, recycle….we have been doing this since centuries at household level….. Indian living is sustainable living….

  25. PRADEEP MEENA says

    I wear my clothes for at least 3 or 4 years.

  26. Fortnite and News says

    21 century is a century of massively produced GARBAGE

  27. Gruss aus Hameln says

    Thanks you 'The Economist'.

  28. Royalty 300 says

    Wow, I didn’t know any of that. It’s amazing how oblivious normal people can be to things like this

  29. Jim, the Curator says

    Sad throwaway culture we live in.

  30. Tran Son says

    Maybe privatize the trash industry so the cost of throwing things away increases ?

  31. cameron taylor says

    It is almost inconceivable when one looks at the bigger picture of the world and observe, you can see the shadow self, the unconscious mind, and how it cascaded down like a pyramid all the way from the top to bottom and then back up… the behavior of wearing a pair of Blue GENES once and then disposing of them to get new ones is exactly how our civilized modern world operates-the human body is made of genetic sequences (aka GENES) and when a baby is born it is indoctrinated into a cult(aka nation) then traded and used by corporations, institutions, businesses, etc and then once that person is dead, they are replaced by another cursed soul… and then you see how we treat each other in modern society, and everyone is viewed as nothing more but a shell or a resource or food or cattle! It is completely psychotic!

  32. Martin Rodriguez says

    I shop on Grailed and sell.

  33. Stacy M says

    It's all based on greed, the people and the companies. People won't change so neither will the companies.

  34. Anuradha Ranasinghe says


  35. Martin Moreno Anderson says

    if anyone doesn't like going to thrift stores or is picky or something, I recommend Depop its an app and website where people sell their own clothes, shoes and other stuff like cameras and art. not everyone there ships worldwide though so look for shops that are in your country or offer that. very high quality stuff there

  36. spicy dragon says

    Me: watching wearing my giordano shirt I bought last august 2007.?

  37. Gil says

    It's not the problem of fast fashion, but the problem of consumerism and capitalism. More consuming is vital for prosperity of capitalism.

  38. Mehedi Hasan Chaion says

    Less value with gorgeous look may diverge us buying that goods. But we have only way to recyle instead of other methods.

  39. Sunida C says

    Will there ever be law to regulate the fashion manufacturing industry to produce certain amount of clothing?

  40. Franklin Machaca says

    Hablo muy poco ingles. Alguien sabe que dice el video?

  41. Rukhsana Khan says

    Mohammed patel….???

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