the ultimate fortnite fashion show


this is the best thing you’ll ever watch

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  1. McCreamy says

    who do you think should have won?

  2. Venetia Young says

    They were training for football

  3. Pedro Waffles says

    The boat squad i tried building a boat in fn it was SO hard they got an instant yes from me but the batman one was not as creative

  4. Ty Anscombe says

    Glide king

  5. fng lazypotatoe says

    Ohmypulse is in youre video" All myfortnite deaths in on video

  6. Neven Komso says

    Fresh has better content

  7. Ilias Games says

    Abonneer ik abonneer terug

  8. Jesse Lumby says

    Plz look at the username

  9. Ahmed Alshamsi says

    19:29 She has 3 kills its look like they cheated

  10. Alex Moreno says

    Did Alia and spyher do the same idea with the same combo

  11. høney lèmøn says

    If i have fornite and have the scenario and the the kpop skin you will know why

  12. Andrew Kboy says


  13. Streak says

    Fact:Everybody commenting didn't watch the video yet

  14. Auarzxy says

    The scarecrow was crying cause there were crows

  15. 哦碑文 O༙?єO͞w̸?n OneOwen says

    Welcome to “who has spent the most money on the game contest!”

  16. Drake's StopMotion says

    Me: excited to see who wins the duos. This add: Nope

  17. Alia museitif says

    I sinkthe fishy‘s

  18. Arjen Arifi says

    batman was sick

  19. Jake the gamer says

    The soccer people should have done the smash remote from the red card

  20. Sumbra says

    direwolf shouldve won easily

  21. Jack Tanzell says

    Your sooooooooooo good and funny XD

  22. AFK Solar says

    Hi CreamDawggggggggggg

  23. Pan Da says

    I smell bad content

  24. elysia boudreau says

    He’s the best

  25. lo ms says

    one of the guy is call duumbitch

  26. Christina Arntson says

    I think the fish should have won. The Batman was cool to though ?

  27. 1k with no vidios challenge says

    Read my name and use code mcCreamy

  28. LosingLoserDope says

    I think the 4 fish should have won

  29. Pooh Pooh Carter says

    They eat the fishing nippy

  30. Preston Pfeifer (2028) says

    Fishy pirate ship by far

  31. Zav says

    6:23 is my favroite part

  32. Jay Aden says

    I loved top 3 in squads

  33. The Arkham Master says

    4:47 I think that was a robot

  34. Melissa Heckman says

    He was coming out of the tunnel at the works cup

  35. Ben Huxley says

    Mau-ooh and the winkie Me- bruh 9:40

  36. Aaron Guild says


  37. HappyAnnaM says

    I love how in the solo the nice one that did the rift was a really good skin and in the second round the king and queen had a Terrible emote but had an amazing skin but they win explained that to me

  38. Jordan-678- - says

    Were gonna be hypnotised I don’t like it. MOU 2020

  39. Steve Orange says

    Helicopter banana

  40. FenceBro Gaming says

    I think they picked Batman because it was cheaper??

  41. GAAC says

    For duos they should have done a referee and sports skin

  42. GAAC says

    Where Wolf should have won

  43. Jack Jellema says

    they're we're so many good ones that they didn't let finish

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