The Very Best Team Goals | Chelsea Tops


Take a look back at these amazing tiki-taka goals. Let us know in the comments which one was your favourite.

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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  1. Sublime Neurf says

    song title?

  2. Roberto Rocha says

    Faltó un gol de Ruben Lotus-Chek ??

  3. Perrygallo says

    basically 2014-15 we were on fire

  4. Bhieeae says

    Fabregas Fabregas Fabregas and Fabregas

  5. le légionnaire movi'c says

    I love bleus

  6. Ji Hansol says

    Fabregas the beast MISS YOU SO MUCH

  7. Mr Calderon says

    Todos Son Unos CRACK ??

  8. Adrian Barry says

    You missed that Costa goal against Southampton Costa->Hazard->Costa->Pedro->Costa finishes

  9. Adrian Barry says

    9:44When hazard makes that pass and starts to run he seems to run wide first and quickly runs back inside completely taking the defender out of the play. He was always on another level of attacking brilliance and I miss him for that

  10. Kyle Titus says

    Lampard involved in most of them

  11. FootLick says

    keep doing these deep house soundtracks in the background, its delicate !

  12. Josephine Arsenault says


  13. Adeolu Adesiyakan says

    Getting to hear your name echo week in week out like Diego did must have been an awesome feeling. Wonder why he desperately wanted to leave despite his success and the Love he was shown by the fans?

  14. Hazard Boss says


  15. Muhammad Jadid says

    Sariball ???

  16. Сергей Плюснин says

    Музыка на фоне не в тему и ужасная

  17. Margrett Preston says


  18. Nana Attaa says

    Oscar goal is the best

  19. Varkichan Sebi says

    10:00 …."this chelsea is the real deal" – lol (could have been only if the fans backed sarri more, but it's lampard's turn to shine)

  20. Jude Ilugo says

    fabregas inolved in 70% of the team work goals

  21. fadilla fadli says

    Fabregas maestroo

  22. Some random lad on the internet says

    Who needs porn when you have …

  23. Bashir Kiguli says

    Ohh lampard

  24. dallstell says

    Common denominator…. Franky Lamps!

  25. Armaan says

    Have we actually scored better team goals in recent years or is it just this video?

  26. kome dawn says

    Second clip, Lampard took the free kick deep in Chelsea half and was with the keeper when the goal was scored.

  27. newnumide says

    Didier Drogba was offside at 3:00?

  28. Callum Murphy says

    The link up play for Willians Goal was phenomenal ???

  29. Dubem Udemezue says

    ‘Move over Barcelona and Arsenal’ looooool that’s taking it too far. Arsenal and Barcelona score goals like that on a consistent basis. Nice goal tho.


    After our king of African Diego cost he was the best Stryker

  31. Didier Dragbar says

    Can’t wait to get back to watching the Blues play again KTBFFH

  32. Angelsome Abekah-Sandy says


  33. Tafari Imara says

    Oscar vs QPR ?

  34. Pichoudom Chou says

    I can see most of the goals involve with key passing play from Fabregas

  35. KeatoSends It says

    Drogbas goal was low key offside

  36. Pedro Farinha says

    Drogba was offside in the gosl against bolton…

  37. 메벽 says

    10 minutes gone

  38. PAUL JAMES says

    U mean drogba

  39. BeTheSpecial says

    I suppose these have to be Prem goals, otherwise we would have had to have seen Chelsea's last-kick goal vs Atlético Madrid in the Champions League from the short free kick

  40. Subham Padhi says

    I miss Fabregas so much

  41. mantises says

    The fabregas assist in shurrle's goal is just the most beautiful assist in the history of football

  42. Khalid ABDIRIZAK says


  43. Mr. Chifoumi says

    Could you make a video of the best legendary XI of Chelsea : Lampard, Hazard, Terry, Robben, Ashley Cole, Didier Drogba, David Luiz LOL, …

  44. muhsin kassim says

    From the beginning of the video to 3:36 all the beautiful goals had Super Frank footprints all over it, from there onwards Ofcoz the magic Hat of Cesc and mazy dribbles of Eden took over ryt till the end of the video.

  45. Strike- Impulse says

    1:47 is 3 days before i was BORN

  46. james oluwaseyi says

    I kan't seems to split between Andre Schurrle and Oscar goal so magnificent & Brazilianaires..

  47. Elite- Doomsday says

    Who is waiting to see timo Werner transfer video on Chelsea

  48. Joel says

    8:27 that old man's reaction sums up Willian's goal

  49. Muhammed Shabeer Shah says

    Where is fabregas+hazard+costa goal against leicester

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