The WikiaColors Soundtrack Album|All background music I use


00:00 – Premier League Football Theme
07:44 – David Cutter – Place
10:27 – Oshova – Vast Chant
14:02 – Dan Henig – Arpy
15:57 – Reaktor Productions – Can’t Slow Down
18:29 – Asura – Whispering Through
22:30 – Tobu – Higher
26:04 – Joakim Karud – Show Love
29:23 – Nurko – Let me Go
33:47 – UEFA Champions League Football Trap Remix (Oncur Gemici)
37:26 – UEFA Champions League Football Dance Remix (Allinthemix)
42:06 – Perséphone – Retro Funky (Sundance Remix)
47:00 – The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony (Androma Remix)
51:40 – Petrosfera – Dreamland
53:37 – Ace of Base – All for you 2K12 (Metyou & Haus Remix)
58:41 – Arc North – First Light
1:02:21 – Bensound – Endless Motion
1:05:22 – Bensound – Summer
1:08:59 – Bully Soundtrack – This is your school
1:11:34 – Calvin Harris, Sam Smith – Promises (Koni Remix & Jack Hawitt Cover)
1:15:43 – DEAF KEV – Invincible
1:20:17 – Electro-Light – Fall For Gravity feat. Nathan Brumley
1:24:13 – Elektronomia – Energy
1:27:31 – Elektronomia – Energy
1:31:29 – Electro-Light – Symbolism
1:36:20 – Lost Sky – Fearless Pt. II (feat. Chris Linton)

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  1. WikiaColors says

    This may not be a comprehensive album, but it certainly covers most the music I use, at least currently.

  2. Alejo Estuvo Aquí says

    53:37 Dude the flashbacks to Tower Battles

  3. Alejo Estuvo Aquí says

    42:06 Is just the best dude

  4. Nuclear Boii says

    Whoa! U Hit 10,100 Subs !

  5. RAY TAN YIK AN Moe says


  6. TurtlePlayzYT says

    22:30 the one that always makes me cry all the time bro

  7. Monisha Patel says

    i cannot decide if i like retro funkey or whispering through better

  8. Tejesh Nair says


  9. ComicSansRBLX says

    Hey you listened to my prayers….yey 😀

  10. sans bans says

    Droppin a dislikeNoob

  11. Mr. Quackers says

    Amazing music your great at choices 😀

  12. CjayThe ProKing says

    55:20 is my favorite

  13. Sofia L says

    wait its an hour long !!

  14. Peter Borawski says

    U hit 10k subs

  15. Electro Star says

    Congrats in 10k subscribers Wikia!

  16. ToastOn_YT says

    Can i have the timestamp of what everybody came for lol

  17. Random Dude says

    uh why do i feel like the only one I ever hear is vast chant and place

  18. The_Lazy_Bunny says

    thank you for actually labeling the song names.

  19. Jason de Quason says

    poggers I liek dis

  20. CataCrab says

    LOL Keralis music

  21. CataCrab says


  22. Ibrahim Munif says

    Literally i put this on my playslist and download the album lel

  23. RBLX hoppa789 says

    18:29 if you listen to it with only the right side of the earphones it sounds weird.

  24. Matin Owosho says


  25. Samlaja says

    1:31:34 that was multi 24 gaming's intro song

  26. Jackson's Creations says


  27. Carter Lam says

    FinallyI've been waiting for this thing soo longI lek the music but idk the name Now i can know themThx ; )

  28. Khiêm Nguyễn says

    Congrats on 10k subs keep doing what u like to do I'll always support u and whatever it take pls don't quit YouTube you are my favorite youtuber i love all your videos. MAD RESPECT for making videos daily all your videos are so cool and nice album.

  29. CrockGamer says

    106 likes 0 dislikes Nice

  30. minhdangto: Tower Defense Simulator says


  31. optimus prime says

    10:44 oshova -vast chant my favourite soundtrack of all time

  32. GD x3iq says

    42:06 my favorite :)Perséphone – RETROFunky(SUNDANCE REMIX) btwbut i swear man your content is the best, i love ittttt! your my new actual fav youtuber now no joke.

  33. Galadon Wolf says


  34. Murat Aziz says

    imagine seeing a vid called "Wikia versus Josh in TDS and TB!" xD

  35. เกรียงไกร เต๊ะวงษ์ says


  36. ivan shum says

    congratulations wikiacolours 10k subscribes! you're the best !

  37. ?¿ Anonymous ¿? says

    Thank you good sir, time to vibe 😉

  38. BOSS MUSIC says

    WikiaColors waaho ?? awesome music ?? thanks for this this is realy good ?? and i have now one channel related music please check and give me review ??THANK YOU ??

  39. henry yesin says

    How do you get admin commands?

  40. LadYT says


  41. Blacklite_E R R O R says

    very cool, gets an approval from yours truly, IMBLACKLITE.

  42. Russian Federation Gamer says

    Yes 🙂

  43. jakethebeast104 playz says

    Love it my favorite yt quit YouTube and now… your my new favorite youtuber 😀

  44. Theo Theohdaiiwlittlekid5 says

    44 likes and No DIslike..Congratulations for Reaching 10K!

  45. Steroied says

    Congrats in 10K!

  46. Carl Johnson says

    Congrats for ur 10K subs! U should deserved it

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