1. cr8zyshredda007 says

    OK, so this didn't get any representation on Smash 4, here's hoping it happens in Smash Switch.

  2. KetwunsGamingPad says

    This song is in Smash 4 Wii U. Sorry, not for you 3DS version.

  3. Astral Shadow says

    My ringtone for my mom is 2:02-2:26

  4. shockraid1 says

    When the going gets tough … the tough get wonderful.

  5. Adam Malkovich says


  6. McD5791 says

    Much as I really like Alan Silvestri, THIS should've been "The Avengers" theme!!  😉

  7. Montesama314 says

    Man, I wish this was on the PS3. I'd have sucked at it like I do at Viewtiful Joe 2, but dammit if I wouldn't be feeling pretty heroic in the meantime.

  8. RednekGamurz says

    This game needs some representation in Smash 4.  Some music, a stage, maybe even a character I don't care, it needs something.

  9. LordManda2 says

    I remember when I was first starting the game, I failed SO MUCH at the Unite Morphs. Even if it was just drawing shapes it took me quite a while to get into the feel of things x)

  10. The Admiral Angel says

    Just gotta love those horn sections.

  11. TurretsGunZ says

    This game makes me think of the Incredibles mixed with Power Rangers/Super Sentai

  12. MrAuthor3DS says

    Any chance you could get the following:- Destiny- Vijounne's battle theme- Determination- all remaining event and battle themes of Jergingha

  13. Kaito Shion says

    I need to get this game…the music is one of the reasons… o.o

  14. Gaming_Is_Art88 says

    Cool I wasn't the only one who liked this song it seems….

  15. DigitalAtlas says

    These need to be .zip'd and uploaded asap D:

  16. FreezingStorm says

    u sir r a tru hero eath deserves

  17. Mike The BeanFox says

    awwww i was gonna say that 🙁

  18. sfried says

    Try ripping from the Sound Gallery to avoid accidentally recording sound effects.

  19. Azure Zakura says


  20. Soundwave says

    This game has the mechanics of Pikmin
    The battles of Diablo
    And the music of Kirby Air Ride.

    Basically, I like.

  21. MEATfast says

    I just got the game and once I beat it I'll be adding all the music and redoing any that may have some problems.

  22. Lagzlot ___ says

    There are songs in Wonderful 101 that I like better, but this one would be the top choice if they put a stage based on this game in a Smash Bros game. This is the classic superhero type music I haven't heard since the intro menu in City Of Heroes.

  23. mdickinson547 says

    Music REALLY makes a game for me; I just can't stop listening to this music in the demo XD

  24. Brandon N. says

    Team, unite up!

  25. Aaron Strife says

    I always picked Link.

  26. Mike K says

    takes me back to the soul calibur 2 days. excellent cue

  27. xuhiken says

    I do, WonderRed would be Wonderful! …

  28. Lilith Walther says

    Who wants a Wonderful 101 stage in super smash bros Wii-U!?

  29. xuhiken says

    Nintendo is really trying with the American release, you can see advertises in almost every important video on IGN.
    Besides we dont know the eshop number yet.

  30. Christoph Schalenbach says

    I was searching for this one so long. Thank you so much MEATfast 🙂

  31. Karwan Kadir says

    lol Thanks, man. ^^

  32. Penguin Publisher says

    You know what their logo reminds me of? 'MURICA!

  33. Penguin Publisher says

    That Scizor pic, I love it. So awesome.

  34. John Love says


  35. Karwan Kadir says

    Makes me think of Soul Calibur. o.o Man this is epic.

  36. Tuomas Haapala says


    Mine too. Someone famous should promote this. Like calling this "The Hardest/Most Original Game of 2013"

  37. Potato says

    It's amazing and it is selling terribly. My faith in the human race is wavering.

  38. quetzalcoatl88 says

    This song is so heroic that after listening to this, my fear of heights and death is suddenly gone and I have this incredible urge to climb a mountain while running through a raging fire as I rip open a bear's jaw with my own two hands.

  39. Tuomas Haapala says

    Finished it yesterday. This game is an instant classic.

  40. Buss713 says

    This better be in the next smash bros

  41. Wii 2 PLAY says

    Just this song itself makes me WANT TO BUY THE GAME!!!!!

  42. Jorge Sánchez Montero says

    This is wonder song!

  43. NinsatiStudios says

    I love this music… And i love this wonderful game 🙂

  44. TonyKanameKuran says

    Wonderize… BLUE!!!!!

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