The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn | Jeremy Howard


What happens when we teach a computer how to learn? Technologist Jeremy Howard shares some surprising new developments in the fast-moving field of deep learning, a technique that can give computers the ability to learn Chinese, or to recognize objects in photos, or to help think through a medical diagnosis. (One deep learning tool, after watching hours of YouTube, taught itself the concept of “cats.”) Get caught up on a field that will change the way the computers around you behave … sooner than you probably think.

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  1. karthik puvvula says

    So people who think new jobs will be created magically are complete fools. It’s time we talk about universal basic income.

  2. Guilherme Miotto says

    @18:15 "In five years time, computers will be off this chart". And here we are: six years in and computer intelligence is still very narrow. I really like the work of Jeremy, but data scientists should really stop exaggerating the capabilities of their tools. Stop saying "computers understand", when most of the time, they don't. Stop saying "computers are better at image recognition than humans" when in fact, they absolutely ARE NOT. They are not today, and in 2014 they were not even close.

  3. Chrisogonas O. Mc'Odhiambo says


  4. MANTISxB says

    I thought it was Eric Andre doing a Ted Talk from the thumbnail lol

  5. M4R0Zzz says

    Solution: hunt down so called 'scientists' like this one, relief them of live, burn their work, and humanity can keep living. Problem solved.

  6. i bet Jeremy write smallest of code as he opens least of mouth to speak… 😽🤩🤪

  7. Livanz1 says

    Slowly but surely we are being replaced . I don't see what the joy of it is…

  8. pato lobos says

    and finally 5 and a half years later we have GPT-3 that at last, resemble intelligence.

  9. 재능연구가 says

    surprising this speech was given 1 year before alphago against sedol lee

  10. Gamal Abdulsalam says

    Brah I can barely lunch my jupyter notebook how tf am I supposed to compete with people like that?

  11. Biruk says

    still couldn't complete captcha

  12. Akshay Singh says

    To the point talk..and Jeremy the man..!!! awesome.

  13. blue sky wang says

    This is artificial intelligence.

  14. Jacur1980 says

    He spent like 5 last seconds talking about the social aspect and impact of this technology which clearly says what is the real focus of the industry.

  15. E 85 says

    He says it all so lightheartedly and with a smile on his face, but the message is shocking and frightening! And this talk has been more than 5 years ago… imagine where in the process we are now of AI taking over. Too much to process for me!

  16. Zanis Xerox Hou says


  17. Ramesh Oleti says

    Why I watched this so lately….

  18. Justin Thyme says

    It is actually "in 5 years time" … so where am I know?

  19. Rishabh Kapoor says

    Sometimes i feed we are the bots created by AI which helps to train them

  20. Jon B Baca says

    Way to bury the lead, guy. Wait till the last second of your talk to drop a serious bombshell!

  21. Henry Bergström says

    I expected the comment section to explode with yang2020 comments.

  22. sharda kakade says

    Audience was so dumb ! The talk was extremely informative.

  23. Karthik Manjunath says

    Any students?

  24. Clément Saint-Marc says

    5:27 lmao, sounds like someone got a bit ahead of themselves there.

  25. Jon Cawthorn says

    You had me till socialism…

  26. Silent Hill says

    It won't be long now, until all of those movies come true. We will design and create a computer that will then make improvements to itself and realize that the only thing holding it back, is us.

  27. Leeroy says

    Why can't d3-labeler place all my labels on a map without overlapping, removing or distancing them too much from the anchors then?

  28. cezar t says

    15:40 "This is a case not where human is replaced by a computer, but where a computer replaces in 15 minutes a human team working for six or seven years"

  29. ninjacat says

    Andrew Yang is the only presidential candidate who grasps the implications of AI and automation on our society. Please search for him and support him. You won't regret it!!

  30. de5ender says

    I heard about this deep learning and have up to this point never understood it. Now I do and wow he has a point.

  31. Arnold Dalby says

    I remember my first neural network and having to change all the numbers to fit between 0 and 1. But it worked. Haha.

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