The World Wide Web: Crash Course Computer Science #30


Today we’re going to discuss the World Wide Web – not to be confused with the Internet, which is the underlying plumbing for the web as well as other networks. The World Wide Web is built on the foundation of simply linking pages to other pages with hyperlinks, but it is this massive interconnectedness that makes it so powerful. But before the web could become a thing, Tim Berners-Lee would need to invent the web browser at CERN, and search engines would need to be created to navigate these massive directories of information. By the mid 1990’s we will see the rise of Yahoo and Google and monolithic websites like Ebay and Amazon, forming the web we know today. But before we end our unit on the Internet we want to take a moment to discuss the implications of Net Neutrality, and its potential to shape the Internet’s future.

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  1. gervaise landy says

    Dear Carrie, I really like the way you pace your videos – normally I can't stay focused on a technical video but yours are great – my attention is held and i am remembering what I learn – thank you!

  2. Miyuki Owada says

    This person talks WAY to fast

  3. Sujith Goud says

    Awesome ? job

  4. تعلم العلم says

    رائع كلام مبني على علم

  5. Milla Pelbridge says

    Carrie Anne you are GLOWING!

  6. Rodrick Heffley says

    nice all i wanted was an accent i could understand but nope thanks!

  7. Fletcher Howe says

    ok ok ok

  8. tiffissniffen says

    I like it

  9. Naz says

    we will move yet another level of abstraction but no abstraction level animation… oh no, I am not prepared for this 🙂

  10. vcokltfre says

    No-one's gonna mention error code 418…

  11. Account says

    really fun video you should play fortnite it will be good for josh wilton he has a crush on you and miss moss

  12. Nicholas Reynolds says

    Missed a lot of ideas on Net Neutrality. Should have been its own video.

  13. Nathan Flynn says

    But shouldn't the video packets take priority over an email?

  14. David Savage says

    How great are these vids! And Carrie-Anne is awesome!

  15. Chase Ellis says

    Anyone else bothered by the HTML formatting?

  16. Nevada Gaming Wedge says

    That moment when you realize your learning about a topic to do it all yourself and not have terrible internet, in the middle of nowhere.

  17. Lady Jewels says

    talking way to fast…. what's the hurry?

  18. Tpots Studio says

    I like the design of that spider.

  19. Matthew Self says

    The wave diagram in the back changed. It's pointy now.

  20. A I says

    How can you vote with your dollars by leaving unethical companies, when there are no alternatives, and the alternatives are stifled by the larger companies?

  21. Real life Bambi: Deer at the Farm says

    "Would leave their ISP and get another." Like who? The big boys have it locked up, and they don't play fair. You are stuck with one ISP, maybe 2 if your lucky.

  22. Orion Rodriguez says

    anyone arguing against net neutrality is a shill or has no idea what they're talking about. There is literally no one on the otherside of this argument, I don't know why you presented it like there is two sides. the only people arguing against it is lobbiest and ISP's who want to further enforce their monopolies. Or they're actual idiots who don't care about the internet and that's okay but we shouldn't listen to them, their opinion is as valid as flat earthers.

  23. Jesus Callejear says

    If I could take pressure from the internet and help improving the latency of all online games by setting my e-mail browser at low priority so the packets would wait a couple of seconds if necessary, than I would be happy to voluntare. I'm sure almost everyone would. Just put a visible 'low Priority' button in my e-Mail program and tell me what it does.If that's the true intention behind net neutrality enemies, that would be the obvious first step. Instead they want to oppressing everyone in the first step. Immortan Joe style. Sorry, but one has to be very stupid to believe the anti net neutrality suits.

  24. GiveMeCoffee says

    You and your team are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Quantrell Music says

    2:25 was genius

  26. undsoft says

    If you have 1 internet provider in your area, you should focus your attention on this problem rather than net neutrality. Is there anything that prevents healthy market competition, like exclusive agreements with local goverments, for example? Is there something that prevents smaller ISPs from coming to the market? Because without competition net neutrality won't help, you'll still be paying for shitty and overpriced service from a monopolist.

  27. intbild says

    free market = richness ; socialism = slavery ! Government should keep their hands out of the internet! MAGA!!!

  28. Autumn Mist says

    Why are you speaking so fast?

  29. pasha says

    Abstraction barriers. As computer science educators you had to put violation of abstraction barrier higher than any economical or political argument. Punching a hole from application layer down into networking layer is going to create a huge mess of complexity that will get only worse over time. I know it's two years late, but it's such a shame that you, Crash Course, missed that point. Great series otherwise!

  30. wertstahl BCAD says

    Damn. My youth is now history. sigh

  31. jajwritersblock says

    I know you avoided talking about persons but I would love to see what you'd make for Radia Perlman and the Spanning Tree Protocol.

  32. Ashley Downing says

    This series is amazing

  33. Jeferson Sacramento says

    She speaks so fast. How does she breath?

  34. Khaithang Haokip says

    what ? they have already moved to utf-16 ? what's wrong with utf-8 ?

  35. ErinVlogs says

    The code at 5:04 is wrong. It should be <a href=">Klingon</a&gt;.

  36. alberto balsam says

    Can you explain what ports are

  37. Anthony Morford says

    All packets were created equal…Has that joke been made before?

  38. Gallopeermeneer says

    7:08 TFW when the best one (NGINX) isn't mentioned

  39. Tueem Syhu says

    GOOD, ???

  40. Siyabonga Mabundza says

    Incredible…Thank you!

  41. TheJagg2 says

    look up status codes 7xx

  42. Xo xoo says

    Great seriees _ thank youuu ^____^

  43. Rakesh Kumar says

    I watched and clicked on the add to support you!

  44. Rakesh Kumar says

    Why dont we use domain names directly rather than 8 bit ip addresses. Both are unique anyways?

  45. Everett Ward says

    Net neutrality is like a free world. Its what the non-cyber world should be like as well.

  46. DSAhmed says

    Customers would leave ISP's? in America…. whoops… they're monopolies.

  47. TelFiRE says

    Net neutrality was repealed and nothing happened. Man, oh man do people freak out over the wrong things.

  48. Christ Centered Dev says

    Anyone else notice the anchor tag at around 5 minutes was missing " " around the href? lol

  49. Nathan X. says

    Great video! This is the stuff my professor was talking about in my CS class last week. Also I hope you guys can make a separate video about net neutrality​.

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