The WORST Health Degrees!


The worst health degrees and health majors. That’s what this video is going to be about. Overall health degrees tend to be pretty good, but there are some that aren’t as good as the others and some are outright BAD


Health care degrees and health care careers are something I’m very familiar with since I’m a healthcare professional.

Healthcare related jobs are currently growing faster than any other type of profession according to BLS (even faster than tech related professions!).

There is a ton of opportunity here, but just because it’s good as a whole doesn’t mean there aren’t a few bad apples.

In this video we will be talking about some of them, hope you enjoy!

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Sources and further readings for jobs and college degrees: of labor statistics) center for educational statistics)
payscale(provides information on jobs and degrees)

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  1. Shane Hummus - The Success GPS says

    Good luck in your careers.. I hope you enjoyed the video. 😁

  2. surhan nizamani says

    I want to major in neuroscience, but I also want to have a good salary after graduation from college. I know that neuroscience requires a ton of schooling (which I don't want to do). I'm so confused about what I wanna do. Shane can you help??

  3. Nick Allen says

    Just to get off that 666 number of comments. Love the vid btw

  4. Nick Mitchell says

    Sweating in my final semester of kinesiology

  5. Robert A says

    How useful is the degree of Public Health? After learning biology is not very useful, and not even required to go to med school, I was wondering if this might be a better alternative.

  6. ahmar shaikh says

    Can you do a detailed video on healthcare management, health informatics, and clinical informatics!

  7. Chas A says

    another good video. As others have noted, psychology is a tough one. My friend got her masters, ended up with a low paying job at a for profit inpatient addiction hospital, hated it, going back for her PHD – and she is burnt out with psychology even before she does more education.It's like teaching, it sucks it pays poorly, but that is the facts.

  8. Butter Beer says

    I think this is very specific to the US where education means tons of debt. If you live in Europe or a country where education is funded a graduate degree is good. I’m doing a bachelor in biomedical science in Switzerland and my tuition is only 1000 Swiss francs a year. I want to do a masters or even PhD so that I can do medical research and not just be a technician.

  9. Joshua Navarro says

    Can you make a video about sports job like working in the sports field? Thank you.

  10. Abhinav Sonthwal says

    I wanna hear ur opinion on the operations and supply chain degree. U kightve done it already, but I just found u lmaoo

  11. Sean Darren says

    I plan to go to PA school. What if my college offers a bachelors in community health with a PA focus? (Of course with hospital experience). Or should I just go to nursing first and then to PA?

  12. Cass A says

    I love these videos of yours. Have you or would you be willing to include respiratory therapy in these videos. Currently on a waiting to get into the program would love to see if it is a viable career.

  13. trent hunter says

    Shane,Thanks for adding the degree I requested. Not what I wanted to hear but I’m glad you listened. My MBA in healthcare administration has gotten me a few pretty good opportunities that were definitely better than no college at all but I imagine it’s not as nice as a physicians assistant degree. Whenever I apply for a position I am competing with 100 people and when I did get a job it’s all about people skills. This is definitely a job for extroverts. It does help if you have good female interaction skills too because the career is occupied by 74% females. I’m pot committed at this point so I’ll let you know how it looks from the inside as things pan out.

  14. TBB says

    hi, Shane What is your opinion on online MBA degrees? they are significantly cheaper and you can do them while still having a full-time job (like Boston university 24,000$
    and University of Illinois urban champaign 22,000$)also, now there is a rise in interest in online study, in general, and especially for computer and data science do you think they are worth it or is it too soon? I hope to see a video about that

  15. Zaari C says

    are health and health science degrees the same?

  16. oyunadawa lokiyisangkim says

    of course online school from profit schools is SCAMMY FAKE and trash. its from profit schools that does nothing but d SCAMMY fake content.

  17. oyunadawa lokiyisangkim says

    i don't agree with SLP and dietetics. you need to do the prerequisites to qualify for the SLP master program but only schools with SLP bachelors have those coursework for prerequisites. it only makes sense to get it because it has the courses that setup for what you want later. dietetics makes sense because to be a RD you need to go through a dietetic program that teaches you the knowledge to be a RD. the dietetics is accredited to be able to teach you to do the internship then sit for the exam. like any health science program theres lecture and practicum. the RDinternship is the practicum. you do have to invest alot in to be something that is not high yielding . its not fair. i think alot of psychology majors are useless. alot of health administration degrees are useless to me for sure but they're really similar to human resources degrees or even business administration .i think health information technology , health informatics is different than health administration. health informatics is a real investment and is real true and protected and professional titled job work. what do you think?

  18. Tony Montana says

    "The masters is now the new bachelor's degree", I like that. It feels like that sometimes these days.

  19. Sarah .93 says

    Sir, could you please cite your sources!

  20. Shriya Sharma says

    How about regulatory affairs??

  21. Bogdan Lakotiy says

    I’m looking at possibly going into medical school and because of grants my entire bachelors is covered. What degree should I pursue that has great job prospects and is a good pre-med degree? I don’t really enjoy chemistry so I think biochem isn’t for me but how about biomedical sciences? Any suggestions? I could change it entirely honestly

  22. Kimora Micheal says

    Now can we get best and worst of education degrees? I am at the finish line, but I don't want to really pursue teaching like that anymore. But I do know education doesn't mean teaching only, so what are the other options? Thanks in advance! 😊

  23. Rufta yifter says

    enjoying your videos a lot, what do you think about dental hygiene and ultrasound tech.

  24. sara says

    would community health science be the same as # 3's "community health"??…,,bc im not panicking about my major lmfao

  25. Nethumi Wijesinghe says

    What about a degree in public health? Is that bad? Something like a health economist?

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