THEY MUST BE ANCIENT! | Part 91 | THE GREEK ODYSSEY FM20 | Football Manager 2020


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Another episode in my Road to Glory FM20 series with Greek second tier side Apollon Smyrnis. This Football Manager 2020 series starts off in the Greek Super League 2 – we’ve got no money, no fans and no idea how to speak the language. But we do have Mrs Wearmouth’s millions, which she’s used to build a state of the art youth facility and some lofty ambitions of Apollon winning the Champions League and Greece winning the World Cup. If she can find a recently retired Kev…

This is going to be a kind of hybrid Youth Academy challenge (but not quite) and Building a Nation (but not quite) save, of course with an added Kev spin…

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  1. Adam Pass says

    Pressing forwards work really well for me!

  2. Ethan K says

    Why would you keep turning strikers into wingers?

  3. Jack Killick says

    You need to adapt your tactic for playing against top teams, going attacking away at anfield is never going to work!

  4. Jordan Stallings says

    Why not play Allan at Striker?

  5. Sillyfeet73 says

    Kev there is a glitch with the auto swapping position with substitutions and has been for years. Use your FM contacts again mate. 👍🏻Getting it changed would be a real “feather in your bow”. 👍🏻

  6. Gerard Turley says

    Loved the grammar interlude..😂Come on Kev start a new Non League to legend with all your snazzy graphics etc. the fans will be back!🏔⚽️

  7. Karl green says

    So Kev has a world class striker in Allan, and is persisting playing him out wide!!! My mind is blown!!!

  8. Matty W says

    Kev Allan is your best striker

  9. JimKos says

    Apollon concedes 2 from Cancarevic side. "praised for his defensive work"

  10. Russ says

    Loved the cut in where you realised the expressions 😂😂

  11. Mr. Ovalle says

    Kev, if you got a world class striker, why are you still playing Carnevali in big games? Carnevali isn't up to snuff anymore…and you are right, Acosta is done for me as well. Time to bring in the kids. Let Allan run around up front. Bring back Sanchez and Germann into the side.Also, I use a 4-2-3-1 in my Vasco da Gama save in Brazil. Seems like the entire Brasileirao uses that formation too. And it works. I still haven't won the league, but I have been successful in the Copa Libertadores, and have one that trophy too.

  12. Ralph Fuchssteiner says

    Target Men are good in a 2 striker system, same thing with Poachers or Deep Lying Forwards. I've found that Advanced Forwards are good in a 1 striker system if they are like Carnevalli or Allan. Complete forwards in a 1 striker system need World Class inside forwards to be effective IMO

  13. Ralph Fuchssteiner says

    Feather in your Cap Kev.

  14. Joseph Banks says

    Can we have a look at the hall of fame soon?

  15. Dannydude888 says

    Does Acosta ever do anything Kev?

  16. felix says

    11:20 finally slovenia makes someone

  17. Perry Smith says

    Just play Allan up front please Kev. It's very annoying seeing him on the wing.

  18. Sooraj Venugopal says

    I always had success with complete forwards and pressing ones. Borja Iglesias of Real Betis.. perfect complete forward for me….scored 25+ goals for three seasons running. It depends upon the supporting roles too. Timo Werner was a great PF in my Betis save.

  19. Bastian Schrøder Larsen says

    I was screaming 'CAP!' at my phone at least three times while you were rambling.

  20. WebbyFM says

    Feather in/on your cap Kev! String on your bow….. lol- gg editor Kev- saved it

  21. mrobb38 says

    You gotta start playing Allan up front. You have two good wingers in Germann and Sanchez, starting one of them on the left has to be a better option than having Allan on the left and Carnevali up front. Also Acosta is still trash and should be sold for whatever you can get for him.

  22. Luis Daniel says

    The biggest match in this episode was Kev vs Kev during the feather in the bow saga

  23. Shawn Gillogly says

    15:25. Kev causes half of commenters to put down their phones. LolAnd 18:20, yes. That is the only difference between IW & IF in the AM strata. IF has finishing and crossing as skills, IW only has crossing. Mind you, this doesn't change their AI at all. They both still do the inevitable "Get into crossing position to shoot the ball into the side netting" of all FM20 wide players.And since you asked, False 9s have worked for me too. But that's the striker role that isn't a striker.

  24. João Fidalgo says

    10:14Dont blame allan for the shot, that was the defender

  25. l McCarthy says

    Please play wingers as wingers and strikers as strikers going to be far more effective

  26. Richard Wild says

    I like a Complete Forward, along with 2 Inside Forwards, the CF gets involved in the build up more, sometimes the only outlet and holds it up.Obviously for that to be successful, the CF needs to be big and strong.

  27. MispeledStalion says

    False 9 works in pair with other(s)

  28. Matt Burgess says

    I'm playing 2 up top, 1 deep lying forward and 1 advanced forward. Seems to work well although the AF gets most of the goals.

  29. Travis Nix says

    Play Allan as a striker!

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