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The 11 Best Beaches in Alabama (2021)

6th Street public beach access

The Best Beaches in Alabama

Seas The Day

Want a getaway to relax in the sun? There’s

a beach for that

. Feel like 


 or playing volleyball? There’s a beach for that, too. In Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, the name tells the story – miles of pristine white quartz sand washed by blue-green Gulf waters. With kids building sandcastles in the summer and snowbirds strolling the shoreline in winter, Gulf Shores beaches are a year-round attraction, whether you came to swim, sunbathe, get in some yoga at sunrise or take a romantic walk at sunset. Beaches at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach all share the scenic beauty and windswept vistas beloved by travelers from across the nation, but each offers something


and special as well. Here are a few of our favorite beaches on Alabama’s Gulf Coast:



Lagoon Pass Beach

Lagoon Pass Beach

Gulf Shores 6th Street Public Access

Gulf Shores 6th Street Public Access

Gulf Shores 12th Street Public Access

Gulf Shores 12th Street Public Access

Gulf State Park Pavilion

Gulf State Park Pavilion

Watch the 360-degree video for Gulf State Park Pavilion.

Includes a 360-degree video for Gulf State Park Pavilion.

Gulf Shores 10th Street Public Access

Gulf Shores 10th Street Public Access

Romar Beach-A Gulf State Park beach area

Romar Beach-A Gulf State Park beach area

Gulf Shores 13th Street Public Access

Gulf Shores 13th Street Public Access

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‘Tis the Sea-Sun

Gulf Shores Main Public Beach (Gulf Place)

Everyone loves 

Gulf Place Beach

. This beach features plenty of 

things to do

 including sandy beach bars, eateries, 

beach boutique stores

, pavilions, picnic areas, volleyball, 



beach hotels

 that let you stay and play. Highway 59 dead-ends at the main beach area, but there is public access up and down the coast.
Gulf State Park

Gulf State Park

Gulf State Park

 offers a whirl of activities including 


, paddle boarding, 


, from the 

Gulf State Park Pier

, biking, 




. There’s even a play area just for


located at 

Lake Shelby

 on the park’s western end. From the main entrance at the Beach Pavilion in Gulf Shores, there are access points along Orange Beach (including

Alabama Point East


Orange Beach and Cotton Bayou

Cotton Bayou

 is set at the intersection of Highways 182 and 161 in Orange Beach and also part of Gulf State Park. Cotton Bayou is small in size but big on amenities, including outdoor showers and ample free parking. This beach is located within convenient walking distance of the primary 

Orange Beach condominiums


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Shore Excursions

Some beach goers plant their towels, open a good book and start working on the ultimate tan. Others like to stir things up with




and excursions to nearby islands. If you’re staying close to shore, a flood of 

beach equipment rentals

 will be on hand –

beach bikes

, buggies, beach wheelchairs,

paddle boards

, surf and skim boards and all kinds of flotation devices. Many companies offer delivery and pick-up service.

Beach Safety Tips
  • You can get too much of a good thing, so don’t forget the sunscreen before venturing out in the warm Alabama sunshine.
  • Take care when exploring the sand. You might happen upon a sea turtle nest or a tiny bird’s nest.
  • Keep off the dunes, dude. They preserve natural habitats. Beach boardwalks and walkovers are plentiful and will get you to the shore.
  • Take nothing but pictures and 

    leave only footprints

    . Clean up after yourself and don’t forget your beach chairs and towels.

  • Observe and obey the 

    Beach Warning Flag System


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Places to Stay Gulf Shores & Orange Beach AL

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