This Canadian Football League game is.. interesting


This Canadian Football League game is.. interesting

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Today, we play Canadian Football 2017, a football game based of the CFL football league. CFL football is…odd

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  1. RBT says

    if you wanna figure out what's happening to my office follow me on ig – or on twitter

  2. SineGaming says

    That game was not worth 15 dollars . Maybe like 2 dollars.

  3. Jason Shaneyfelt says

    I know it's funny to bag on this game, but it was literally made by only 1 person and it was their first game. The 2018 version added American rules & was a vast improvement. They are now up to 3 developers & are gaining some serious momentum as they have Doug Flutie as an investor. The 2019 version coming out is called Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019 & will feature an (unlicensed) 130 team college dynasty mode complete with recruiting & customizable rosters and teams. While they still have a Canadian mode, I think they are figuring out that college football could be a really nice niche for them as there is currently a huge demand for that. While the product certainly isn't AAA quality now, give it a few years & support it if you can, especially if you want a college football game.

  4. Michael Walker says

    They're coming out with a new version this fall that includes college teams. Canadian football allows players to move towards the line of scrimmage prior to the snap.

  5. Shirlee Fauxx says

    Please snap the ball BEFORE the man in motion reaches the line of scrimmage!!

  6. undead fodder says

    Is he gonna do Axis Football 2018? That game is terrible too!

  7. Mike Doll says

    Hahhahahahhaha forgot it was only 3 downs hahahah

  8. Christopher Frencham says

    CFL headquarters: look how they massacred my boy…

  9. Keith Ford says

    I'm so sorry for everything u had to endure Mr. Ricky Williams ??

  10. Dusky says

    Same company is making the new college football game….

  11. GG_99447 says

    NCAA Football 07 be like

  12. Swifty Mcvaye WithTheAK says

    OH lord looks like a shit show..

  13. Bobby Fields says

    This looks like EVERY MADDEN GAME EVER!!!2K5 – Greatest football game of all time!

  14. Isaiah Jackson says

    Bro in the waiting screen when he claps his hand goes through his other hand ??

  15. ItsFedoraHere says

    why is A/X for PS4 sprint? obviously never played GTA

  16. MUMS-Universe says

    That is just not effective bro!! ??

  17. Seamus McKeon says

    Movement before the snap is legal in Canadian football.

  18. Jacob Carlsen says

    The goal is to throw to an open receiver. I hope he knows that.

  19. TampaBama BamaTampa says

    complete trash.

  20. TheMemphian YEET says

    No false start in CFL

  21. Splash says

    i got my user now boys lockdown guys acl ccl and tcl gets torn

  22. Raykibb says

    Realistic with nine teams, at least two are not called Roughriders. That had to be the funniest thing about the CFL, until Ottawa got all creative and changed their name to RedBlacks, lol. The game has the correct cities, not nicknames. The end zone is 20yds Deep. CFL is in desperate need of a tenth team, Atlantic Schooners are the talk of the league. I find the CFL a good distraction during the summer. Is this game available for PS4?

  23. PugsNotDrugs4 says

    In the CFL you have to end a quarter on a play. You can't just run out the clock.

  24. sofaking27 says

    The fact that there’s a player named wack tells all you need to know….

  25. Kolby Valentine says

  26. Steve Schmidt says

    Not much different than madden

  27. Tony Belcher says

    This game is trash can xD

  28. Uri_R the Lizardman says

    this company is making Doug Flutie's Maximum Football, and you know about it already

  29. Dontaveon Love says

    There isn’t even overalls

  30. JaRamiah Slaughter says

    @ 10:18 did anyone see the way Wack threw the ball down?

  31. Keith the Gamer says


  32. EyePatch Doge says

    You have to admit though. For a te of only 3 or 4 of them it's not horrible. EA has how many people… ??

  33. Paul Harrington says

    Me: can we get madden mom?Mom: we have madden at home : madden at home

  34. Ed Sev says

    CFL is the unskilled side of real American football they get our 3rd race players to play their cornet game changed rules to make it more like rugby so stupid

  35. Ally Slach says

    You should do a video where you do the best for team against the worst NFL team

  36. Matthew Holt says

    Hamilton has Johny football

  37. LeoLicc says

    While the game is rough Canuck Play only has 3 people working on the games. They improved with the latest Maximum Football 2019. If people support them by buying the games they will improve unlike Madden.

  38. Hot Dog Ice says

    The is no offsides for receivers in the CFL

  39. David Buswa says

    That's brutal. No winder why the CFL didn't give their blessing on this game

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