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  1. Infinite Roblox says

    Hey dimer! If your reading this then Ik how to make this challenge more possible.Every single time someone catches your ball then u get 1 extra power.The more td’s u score, the base power is higher.Base power means a minimum like minimum = 5.You choose how u change the base power.If u give an int/incomplete then u lose 2 base power and lose 3 power per int/inc.If u get to negative power aka running then here are my suggestions.If u make a rush TD then u go to 50 power.It goes up by ten power per rush TDIf u fail to cross the line then u lose 10 power. If u do cross the line then u go up 5 power maximum until 40 power (8 crosses)

  2. Aqurxe says

    ez 3k?

  3. Zion Orr says

    You should add the people in practice/ plz add me

  4. julian Telson says

    What is ur discord?

  5. The Entertainer says

    u cant ballspot man

  6. Durk Durk says

    Everybody wanna be on dimer team till he do challenges like this

  7. D1_J says

    Love the edits I’m glad u improved (still loved u anyway) <3

  8. Kyrus says

    You gain 2,000 subs a day? I don't even gain 10 subs every 5 years. That's when you The dimer gang is strong!

  9. Ray_The _Gamer says

    As a wise man once said…..You can’t win it all

  10. Danny ODell says

    Dimer i wanted to apologize for being toxic in the chat. I was having a bad day and got mad very easily. Sorry. I respect what you do bro keep it up.

  11. Glo says

    try this again but every catch from your wr's increases the power by 5

  12. Bobby Vernon says

    Wow. At 9:13 in the chat someone said “I’m unsubscribing from diner”. Bruh

  13. Cruz Vargas says

    Here first day :/

  14. Bridger Hager says

    dimer is salty

  15. Naya Bean says

    This reminds me of when you have a good Qb and a random joins and votes themself Qb just to sell….

  16. MxghtyxDxren _ says

    Dimer ty for the comment I appreciate it I ❤️ you no homo

  17. Johnathan Dilworth says

    I wonder what titans face was when he saw this video was a challenge. lol

  18. Ryan Kuykendall says

    I feel like a lot of the recent fanbase comes from fusion which is annoying since half of them are like 8-11 year olds, meaning that they are typically toxic and trash talky towards Dimer. I miss watching the LF days when the chat would be chill towards Dimer.

  19. Nato Playz says


  20. LBC On roblox says

    0:01 me in my baseball game 45 power me in baseball practice 99 power

  21. Snooby Plays says

    I feel like I’m the only Filipino here…

  22. Aloha Ali says

    I was Jxlilah, Im sorry for being a bit toxic lol, I didn't know and I'm literally retarded-

  23. Abdullahi Abdirahman says

    Idea: 7v7 Global playersMaybe Global wr global this and that

  24. CavanPlayz says

    I’m global

  25. CavanPlayz says

    I got 8 catches and 5 of them were tds

  26. Abdullahi Abdirahman says

    I was reading a comment requesting this challnge before watching the vid lol

  27. MikeCannotRead says

    Blindfolded on offense challenge???

  28. Cha Cha Real Smooth says

    Anyone think dimer should go back to hcbb?

  29. Mason Revera says

    you do nothave 32Brobux edits xddddddd

  30. Laoel Beqiri says

    Y can’t you join legend football

  31. gaming with him 1 says

    dimer can you plz play one game with me on football fusion plz my friends are bullying me because they played a game with you and i haven't 🙁 plz i just want to show them what i can do on football fusion.

  32. Sfgoldman 38 says

    U should play FBU again

  33. Ascending Flames says

    Pleaseeeeeee get him to 3k likes

  34. The Duck says

    Video Idea: If you throw a interception you have to play 1st game on popular page

  35. Inherits says

    Do leagues to be better well it’s gonna be a rough start even if u do start doing leagues

  36. saulthepro1111 says


  37. Ana Alvarez says

    60 power MAX can go like 23 yards

  38. Ana Alvarez says

    Every time u dime go up 2 power (start at 15 or broken)

  39. Cardinalss 11 says

    Why’d you leave DFL?

  40. The Chosen Ones says

    just letting you know. you're doing well on the solo vids

  41. UH WHY says

    Hey Dillon, do u play real life football???

  42. MoreLikeMo says

    Everyone in that server sucks

  43. Jace says

    Notice how dimer keeps his voice low then when someone sells it goes to a high c

  44. Jace says

    How many times dimer said "what a catch! I/

  45. Kenneth Jefferies says

    I feel bad the people that was in that game and calling you trash unsubscribed and it was for a vid. So many toxic people these days.

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