this Fortnite FASHION SHOW made fun of my NO SKIN, then I showed them my RECON EXPERT.. (they cried)


this Fortnite FASHION SHOW made fun of my NO SKIN, then I showed them my RECON EXPERT.. (they cried)

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So I found a fortnite fashion show and i thought why not stream snipe it. So i decided to stream snipe a fortnite fashion show using a default skin in fortnite. these young kids reactions were hilarious everyone showed there rare og fortnite skins and fortnite cosmetics while i was a default skin then at the very end i turned against them and they ended up showing my recon expert in the fortnite fashion show.

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  1. Clewfix says

    Like & Subscribe for the Recon Expert to appear in the Item Shop tomorrow.. (DON"T RISK IT)

  2. Tiko YouTuhe says


  3. Briana Lowe says


  4. Kalebb King says

    Don't judge a no skin

  5. Kalebb King says

    Can you add me my epic is Nin_Kalebb

  6. Vishal J says

    That kid sound like a five year old from Tesco

  7. Janito -jr Fun’s says

    You guys got roasted

  8. Janito -jr Fun’s says


  9. parisi76 says

    I love their reactions

  10. Fortnitegod123 says

    Yeah OG season one recon expert sorry I’m trying to be rude

  11. Fortnitegod123 says

    I have recon

  12. Barrett Den Hartog says

    You did a good job

  13. Matthew plays fortnite says


  14. LUIS Lopez says

    I don't think the leader is a bad guy

  15. Crazy Mason And Tired Mommy says

    No fip way


    Not to be rude to defaults but I've spent 400 on the game my own bday money gonna spend more

  17. Damian Gonzalez says

    He said yes

  18. Damian Gonzalez says

    When you said can you come to my birthday party to the clown if you look at him closely he said

  19. ja cob says

    I am a default but cant you please add me

  20. TTV_WHYY says

    Ohoo u lOuVE ME yA I lOuVE U bRWo

  21. OMG IS GG XD says

    I love how my man has my favorite skin in his locker the toxic trooper ??

  22. Coco Buff says

    Spoiled brats

  23. Coco Buff says

    Noobs be like

  24. Joanny Fakih says

    I liked and subed my username is carmeloz7

  25. Joanny Fakih says

    I liked and sub and me username is carmeloz7

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