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  1. Raihan Miah says

    Yo ninja irrelevant as f**k he barely gets views

  2. Arion Rimo Graciano says

    6:41 perfect horror smile

  3. Iftekhar Jarif says

    This game is:fun 🙂

  4. Ryder says

    Got too heated. Cuz u tryhard to win a game

  5. Harish Nagrani says


  6. Chanreth Oul says

    Vanoss anti social

  7. lolDepaa says

    Anyone noticed that it said fortnite in the description?

  8. Strawberry Hornet says

    Dude ninja really censors his videos?? Kinda cringe bro ngl

  9. UUUHHH says

    Why you have to be mad it’s only a game

  10. Hanz Christian says

    Tryhard at among us omegalol

  11. Amir Nasa says

    You cannot fake the asteroids lol

  12. Najate Mih says

    😭😭😭play fortnait pliss😭😭😭

  13. Jay Sharma says

    look how much ninja change

  14. Glavan Alex says

    Vanoss is the best

  15. Purecbd3 says

    What do you think of the new battle pass season 4 and why do we need superpowers

  16. very limited says

    malding xQcL

  17. Kam Mitchell says

    Why the heck ninja cursing

  18. MysticBlooms says

    The thumbnail is him inventing the cringy joker tiktok

  19. Jaxx Miller says

    So nice to see ninja rage its the only thing I like of his content the alcoholic rager

  20. Rey Playz says

    I feel like the ads lag on purpose

  21. TheLightningBibz says

    The Game: Among usYoutube Description: Fortnite

  22. xD_LimiTz says

    Don’t know why everyone is saying ninja was toxic he was obviously joking stop saying you feel bad for vanoss

  23. Ramon Robles says

    i never really watched Ninja bc i don’t like Fortnite but man i love watching him play Among Us, he’s funny as shit

  24. FRIDGE says

    Who is this xqc clone?

  25. Elizabeth Pena says

    Ro you play fortnite

  26. سبيد قيم . SPEED GAME says

    I want $ 5, can someone give me my account name Z6_1le?

  27. LAZAR BLADE ツ says

    ninja, don’t fake asteroids lol. that’s like faking medbay scan

  28. Akai Dragoneel says

    I am here for attention

  29. 4nu6is says

    You need OhmWhercker to play with you 😏😏

  30. katelyn mishaylee says

    everyone is so entitled yikes

  31. Dark J says

    Anyone else played this game all the time when it was not popular

  32. DIAMLER says

    Lol 300k views? Vanoss got like 2 mil on his vid

  33. The Lucky Mama says

    Yt is diying

  34. tate anderson says

    Everyone who plays Among is ever: “i NeVeR gEt ImPoStOr”

  35. slyz says

    ninja do be falling off on youtube tho

  36. punam Singh says

    Photo of ninja in thumbnail is like that tik tok trend joker

  37. Davon Henderson says

    Ninja didn't die

  38. Jacob Jackson says

    U should play with ceez and HD would be way more funny

  39. El Griego says

    Very funny and liar!

  40. Jacky Ngo says

    Play fortnite

  41. Jacky Ngo says

    Play fortnite

  42. Mr. McFuddles says

    Finally a break from Fortnite on YouTube. Not saying I hate the game I actually used to play it a lot but after 2 years of only Fortnite it feels good to see something else

  43. Tom Yorke says

    i know this is a meme at this point but wow man you are one toxic person even in this game where its the goal wow you made people leave then went full insult mode then cried about it after what the hell is wrong with you grow up man its a game.

  44. Calum Mackenzie says

    Bet u ninja hates vanoss cause he’s more popular than him

  45. Jayden The OG Scrubby / Vicvillion fan says

    We like fortnight we like fortnight we like fortnight

  46. Donald Nguyen says

    Ninja needs to get a haircut and stop dying his hair

  47. Aerial Viper says

    Bruh your annoying I always see you being a 3rd imposter christ

  48. mnoipz mlop says


  49. Mr. Phoenixxx says

    Hello i made new you tube channel please help me gain subscribers… it would really make my day if you subcribes comment like share .thank you everyone 🙏🙏

  50. Roymario Gaming says

    Jacks POV of this was hilarious! 🤣🤙🏻

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