THIS GAME IS CRAZY! | Mutant Football League (with/ H2O Delirious)


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  1. Jacob Letendre says

    Safety these nuts! Statement of the day!

  2. Big Bulbasaur says

    Play more please

  3. Majin Huey says

    Wait is Toonz a Panthers fan? Cuz that elevates him about 47 points

  4. AK Arbit3r says

    This game cracks me up every time I play it myself, especially the announcers lol

  5. Aneeq Asad says

    That's not real football

  6. Pauly Poobrain says

    That was a very Eli Manning type performance.

  7. All knighter says

    1000 times better than madden sadly

  8. Giovanni Bilotta says

    Why come nerds think we want to see every huddle? Even IRL football games the actual huddles are shorter.

  9. Maniik_FliX says

    6:05 thought he was going to turn into Tyler1 for a second xDD

  10. Randall Murray says

    When you going to play this again?!!

  11. Tateu Pougnac says

    Do penalties even have any actual effects ?

  12. IceVeins says

    This the most I've ever heard H20 rage out lol

  13. AsuraGaming says

    You can just hear delirious getting so salty smh

  14. Josh Poyer says

    Love how you can tell they're not big foot ball players but still make the game look fun

  15. jurdy 66 says

    i pt 50$ on cartoonz

  16. jurdy 66 says

    its cartoonz

  17. HaywireEagle says

    Man, this reminds me of Super Baseball 2020 on the Sega.

  18. moh emad says

    7:06 the terrorist football strategy

  19. Luke Costello says

    WWE is a sports game

  20. B Hill says

    if you like fucked up sports games, blood bowl could be fun

  21. Landen Davis says

    Please play more!

  22. Kings Animations says

    You saved me

  23. Kings Animations says

    S*** did I say ironic

  24. Kings Animations says

    That's kind of ironic my name is Christian

  25. N3RD F0XX0 says

    haven't seen it all the way yet, but as a fan of tanks, I'm rooting for the Panzers

  26. S T says

    Cartoonz: (tries to play game)

    H20: so anyway i started killing :3

  27. lyriics cooper says

    Cartoonz gona win

  28. Adrian Lopez says

    H20 H20 H20 !!!!!!

  29. Ryan Grisham says


  30. Reece Kelly says


  31. Seth Tyler says

    I'm guessing Delirious meant Mouth Guard

  32. Duron Arnold says

    This used to be my game on Sega Genesis!!

  33. bozi says

    Play madden

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