Snowboarding, mountain biking, wingsuiting and more.. this looks FANTASTIC.
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  1. TmarTn2 says

    This is definitely what I'm most excited about from the Ubi Forward event today… what are you guys thinking?!

  2. Wesley LaCroix says

    You should play Fall Guys or fortnite those were my favorite series… if you play fortnite play with TypicalGamer

  3. Rick LeRoy says

    Forza Horizon but instead of cars it's extreme sports.

  4. Its_ Arkaic says

    It’s literally a better steep

  5. Visionary_ignacio says

    Downhill domination for Ps2 looks way more fun

  6. jay ka-ze says

    The snowboarding and skiing reminds me of steep, yo if u think about it this like steep 2 but they added way more stuff to it I know it isn't but like come think about it

  7. jon c says

    Couple months away…5 months

  8. Darkassassin 2009 says

    I hope this game is as cool and fun as it looks

  9. graywarden22 says

    this looks like forza and xgames had a baby, "oh he on xgames mode"

  10. Squozerr plays says

    The rise of MTB

  11. curtis MJ says

    Let’s hope it’s more like SXX tricky than steep ! , steep was pants 😩🥱

  12. PhotonBread says

    Steep with Bikes. I’m down

  13. Dendo Roman says

    Steep on roids

  14. Lewis White says

    Reminds me of steep kinda an i loved that game

  15. ThrowinFire says

    Wait, so they paid you just to watch a trailer of their game? Laaaaame

  16. VRK says

    I am really really excited about this game. I was really waiting for an MTB game

  17. ryan mac says

    This looks so fun it's a mixture of steep and defenders all tied together I'm a big downhill mtb and skier so I'm exited

  18. Brook Farrell says

    This game looks so sick

  19. Alex ha says

    February… “a couple months away”…. alright lmao

  20. Sylar Kleissen says

    Trev you should look up red bull rampage on YouTube it's a real thing

  21. Lyes Boutemak says

    Fun game I will play it like I play every new game by YouTube 🙂😥

  22. DustBorne76 says

    Its gonna be like steep?

  23. Hab knaX Hab kanx says

    Descenders is better

  24. MilitaryPolice14 says

    Only a couple months?… Lol u mean 6 months.

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