This Guy Is A Hit Sticking Machine! Madden 21 Washington Football Team Franchise Ep.14


We’re back with episode 14 of our Washington Football Team Franchise and we’re facing the surprisingly bad record San Francisco 49ers!

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  1. Alejandro Brown says

    17:33 he is

  2. fetusisme says

    Thomas Davis is too slow. You need to bench him for dion-hamilton….

  3. Gabriel Houle says

    if Apke dosent get a breakout…

  4. Gabriel Houle says

    flips forever

  5. Gabriel Houle says

    Apke is a truly Zeus

  6. George Smith says

    That hit tho

  7. Levi Pritchard-Hickey says

    after this game bourne wishes he was never born

  8. Dr Gaffro says

    There are a little to many force fumbles man

  9. Quintin Turner says

    troy needs a breakout

  10. KG GoldKnight says

    It’s Seven team playoff ea messed up you’re the 7th spot since you are 1st in the hunt and it says 6

  11. Not That Serious says

    @jeromepkr kendrick bourne. Not keldrick lol

  12. Tyrannical Typo Michael Tester says

    Yikes…Apke Killing Bourne causing A Bourne Identity cirsis..👀Anyway nah it's Bourne Because Collins and a few others were hitting and getting nothing. Apke may have some ability I don't know.Excellent episode

  13. Anthony Stefanos says

    Too bad Apke is literally garbage in real life

  14. heather hultgren says

    If you want to you should get Willi Gay

  15. Joseph Mleczko says

    he really calling KB keldirck bourne bruhhhhh comn das my boi

  16. destiny latrice says

    Wow no notification that’s tough YouTube

  17. damion mccauther says

    2 more picks

  18. Chris Sweezy says

    I wish Troy apke was this good in real life, he sucks right now!! 👎🏾👎🏾

  19. limp simp jackson says

    Hi it's moisteyebutty on twitch

  20. Anders Hartig says

    Did he really say keldrick Bourne😐

  21. Dro Swagg says

    Why don’t you hot route?

  22. Zachary Brodka says

    In all seriousness I'm with you about the season. This is what happens when you take preseason away and modify training camp. Alot of these players were a lock for the roster so they clearly won't be a try hard in camp. Sad to see all the injuries.

  23. Katie Schilling says

    best madden youtuber check

  24. ET says

    Traded for apke for his speed, don’t get gameplay like that from him

  25. Takashi Gibby says

    People really be losing no simp September to Jerome

  26. Brian _DaBeast says

    23:00 Anyone going to notice hall just running in place? Madden sucks and EA needs to go

  27. nate Lind says

    Love your vids you are the best youtuber

  28. Noah Rolen says

    Inside zone is glitched this year

  29. Jake Harris says

    Sry dad, youtube ain't work and I didn't get notis

  30. Noah Rolen says

    Keldrick Bourne 🤣🤣

  31. Andrew McGrath-Santowski says

    13:29 this, just this

  32. Devn says

    dwayne haskins 30 for 30

  33. Hangry N00b says

    Yo draft Monty rice

  34. Mercedes AMG Project One says

    I was just watching the vod on twitch then I see this

  35. itsbeen_lavly says

    No notis. Beautiful

  36. Andrew McGrath-Santowski says

    When you get to the stream late and get the results spoiled so you watch it with less excitement but still some excitement

  37. Beast11julio says

    No notification and one bot in the comments. Don’t you just love YouTube

  38. Tylin Blaich says

    Keldrick Bourne lmao

  39. Nathan Guerrero says

    This man keeps Calling my boi Kendrick,Keldrick Bourne

  40. DinoMan64 says

    Dwayne HaskinsYards: 1st in NFLTd’s: 1st in nflPasser rating: we don’t talk bout that

  41. Robert Rodriguez says

    Ma boy said keldrick bourn

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