This horror game is actually terrifying [Phasmophobia]


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Phasmophobia is a co-op ghost hunting horror game and it’s… very effective. Had a great time playing it on stream yesterday with these people:

@Gab Smolders

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  1. Rahmat Nur Hidayat says

    Woi ngopi woi

  2. Sam Smith says

    What an awesome idea for a game! And how it changes the audio to the radios as you get further apart is so cool!


    Wow man this is now one of your most popular videos no doubt the game is really really good 🤩🤩

  4. Cameron Kobe says

    I really enjoyed this video but as a new subscriber to the channel, and being relatively new to horror Let's Plays, I had no idea who was who for most of the runtime. I feel like you kind of assumed a lot of knowledge about yourself and your friends here. A very brief intro at the start saying "This avatar is Sinow, and this one is Kraven, and this one is Gab" would have been SO helpful and enriching, since all the "GAB! Are you dead?" etc is a little meaningless if you have no clue who is who. Kraven especially was baffling because I'd picked up from one of your other videos…Remothered, I think…that Kraven was a "he" but he's got a female avatar here, and I thought his avatar was Gab. I thought Gab's avatar was Sinow for ages too, for some reason. I guess the video may be more for people who have been following you for ages, but there's no reason it can't be more accessible for newer viewers too. 🙂 Like I said, it's really enjoyable but would benefit from a little better scene-setting at the start.

  5. Monskuuu says

    You are like ghost. Come to home, and there is 4 persons in your home with odd stuff and yell your name. Who would be piss off aboth that?

  6. Hitsu Ray says

    Why everyone that play this game always saying the ghost name every goddamn time 😅. The white board clearly says you can use their name to make them angry. I just didn’t get why literally everyone keeps saying it’s name while trying to get a response.

  7. Elijah says

    7:31 That mouth is terrifying

  8. Refrigeraptor says

    Played with my siblings, my mother is gonna join tonight. My brother loves to antagonize the ghost so, yeah! Damn fun game~

  9. Tornadodude96 says

    I recommend this game 100% I played it with my friends, I love how this game builds up to the point where you hear footsteps and then someone stops talking.

  10. Dashdragon says

    So is there a reason why we skipped the tutorial?

  11. Angelina Kratz says

    Hey John Wolf

  12. László Dajka says

    Haha so this is how Gab looked like in this gameplay lol

  13. Nighthawk says

    "OH HELL NO": The Game.

  14. Andra Lucy says

    i love this group. so wholesome and chill. levelheaded.

    it's going to kill me if one of them is outed to be some sort of sexual predator or abuser…

  15. Andra Lucy says

    what i'm curious about is what those weird book-like things are piled up under and near the computer desk. are those all supposed to be "notebooks" for the ghost? or vhs? i only keep getting glimpses of them in games. that's to say if they're actually anything at all or just lore XD

  16. GamingMediocrity says

    Damn this game looks like a total blast.

  17. Brian Smith says

    another tip if its hunting and light are flashing you have to hide anywhere that's not in the room the ghost is in loved the vid m8 🙂

  18. Brian Smith says

    if you didnt know if you have a flashlight and holding say a voicebox you can hit T I think and you can hold the voicebox and have ur flashlight on at the same time

  19. Pumpkin says

    Dude this game was MADE for VR. It's at a point where it's not worth me playing unless it is in VR.

  20. vampire chick says

    could i get a follow back on here it would mean so much to me

  21. Unorthodox Visuals says

    Wait. Is that the school from the mobile version of Eyes: The Horror Game?

  22. Griffin Ball says

    This game hits different in VR,
    The directional audio and everything is genuinely frightening, and its really immersive because you actually grab the equipment from your belt, and can point the EMF and flashlight, and have to physically crouch to hide,
    Genuinely one of the scariest things I've played

  23. Anish Khan says

    when john says its good then its good

  24. Logan Evans says

    not sure how i feel about my fav youtuber playing with someone who actively talks about how she hates japanese people cuz shes "stressed"

  25. MoonlitFox says

    I've really loved watching y'all play this. It looks like y'all are having a lot of fun, and seeing you laugh and smile makes my day so much better ^_^

  26. Louis Pica says

    Reads on board earlier: "calling out ghost's name can ANGER them"
    Goes into 2nd house after friend just died: 16:50– RUTH MOORE, don't kill me! Don't kill me, RUTH MOORE! Please don't kill me, RUTH MOORE!
    smh lol

  27. Kevin Pagulayan says

    Omg while i was watching this a fly came up to my face i got jumpscared i thought it was from the video😂😂😂

  28. Littikty Split says

    They should make a sam and dean skin!

  29. Carlo Amadeo says

    Wait, the female voice is Gab Smolders, right? Her voice is all too familliar O_O

  30. keyboard freedomfighter says

    They should add the ability for a ghost to record something one of the players said and then play it back after the player dies.

  31. Tippy says

    this man successfully makes this game look boring as fuck

  32. C L says

    I was scared just watching it. Must be nice to play.

  33. Boutta head out says

    I was so surprised John admitted he couldnt play in VR! Its so fun in VR, I feel accomplished that I'm braver than John in that aspect haha

  34. Jire says

    I want shouting………….. I want screams…….. I want one of you guys scream……….. It ain't fun if there is noscreaming around

  35. drgym11 says

    Tips that I’ve heard (I’ll even update it for fun):
    1. If you hear your heart beat you gotta run, she’s gonna hunt you
    2. Don’t use their name often, only use it if you don’t have lots of evidence. Other then that rarely use it
    3. If the lights flicker it’s a sign their gonna go into hunt mode
    4. If the lights go out or your about to get hunted, USE A CLOSET OR LOCKER! Or if you can’t find one, TURN OFF YOUR FLASHLIGHT AND CROUCH DOWN AND HIDE IN A ROOM!
    5. I’m not fully sure if number 5 tip actually works but MAYBE if you hear footsteps from the ghost you can use that to discover what ghost it was because some ghosts don’t touch the floor, but I’m not fully sure tbh
    I’ll do more once I get more tips!

  36. Shin Majin says

    I can't see a damn thing.

  37. THADZ says

    God I legit Thought it was Lionel Messi playing Horror games hahaha

  38. Martin_Speaks says

    I can't stand cocky YouTubers.

  39. Zero Deman says

    I enjoyed this video a lot

  40. K4nna says

    What did John see on 39:20? It's too dark I don't know what it is

  41. MercedesLP says

    John: "Dude, the gym. No thanks."
    Also John: Goes in anyway

  42. ToriFaere says

    I'm so excited! I can watch different people play this!
    I get bored of watching the same events over and over… ADHD is annoying.
    I, of course, came to John before anyone else lmfao

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