1. JamHaus says

    This was such a fun game!!! Best football game on PS2 easily – though FIFA on PS3 is amazing 😀 – I loved the diving in this and deliberate fouls :D.

  2. Annoying Major says

    My favourite soccer game. It was way better than the FIFA or PES series (my opinion), but Konami and EA spent a lot more on marketing/management, so in the end money decided against quality – as usual. A damn shame…

  3. Giancarlo Firipuci says

    i want to

  4. Giancarlo Firipuci says

    look at isohunt(.)com
    serch: this is football 2005

  5. Seb Gigner says

    This game even has a piece of commentary for when you score 8 times with the same player in a game. "I don't think I've ever seen a player score 8 times in a game before". LOL

  6. james wilcox says

    3:21 beats the boring commentary in fifa anyday. they sound half asleep compared to this.

    lampaaaaaaard owwweeeeen ronnnaldooooo. has a goooooo . classic.

  7. Paul Adam says


  8. Agua Boa says


  9. enigmagamer112 says

    i think this is the first game that u could actually do transfers on is it

  10. Omarthegame90 says

    I swear to god the commentary is better than ps3 I swear!!!!

  11. Urim Hetemi says

    black grass my self asisment

  12. Urim Hetemi says

    it was amazing

  13. MasterGamb says

    I Love this Game

  14. Furiouzlyy says

    I remember using the school teams on the school playing grounds :').

  15. Gregory Grigoris says

    ronaaldooo,rivaaldooo,ronaldiinho,robertoo caarloos and they've scored such an awesome game!!!

  16. Patrícia B says


  17. retrosoccer says

    i recorded this in mono 😉

  18. retrosoccer says

    great news…

  19. Urim Hetemi says

    fuck you

  20. Sonja R says

    because of this game i going married next month…….

  21. avni lozonjari says

    why we don't have TIF 2012 :S

  22. Tomáš Šagát says

    I love this Game <3

  23. SpikeyPT says

    Very funny game, especially with the dives.

  24. sharper7gr says

    does anybody knows the name of a rap song of tif 2005?

  25. JamesonWallace says

    comparing this to fifa 05, this is twice better


  26. avni lozonjari says

    i love this gameeeeeeeee

  27. avni lozonjari says

    @LTBization yes

  28. avni lozonjari says

    @Kapiwi yes

  29. Kapiwi says

    are their championship teams in this game??

  30. Kapiwi says

    on ps2 can you dive or hack, like you used to on TIF 2002. such fun game.

  31. Jomacov says

    I really enjoy this game. I've even been playing it a lot recently

  32. sam tinkler says

    this is football was the best football series ever, much better than fifa and pes of that time

  33. Stranno says

    its not the only good Sony's football license, PSP also have the pretty underated World Tour Soccer, i've enjoyed it a lot

    I remember this is football using the Eyetoy to get my face into the players, great addon, and it worked perfect

  34. Rap Algarve says

    hey where can I dowload this game?

  35. MrSimonmaster says

    who made this game ?!

  36. Gijs says

    I have this game at my house and it's my favorite game for the ps2. I want a new version of it!

  37. Laurens Van Robays says

    Best. Football. Game. Ever!

  38. SvartMagic says

    The only football game with danish commentary

  39. Dominik Hemeli says

    best football game ever :/

  40. Nelsonmen Castroman says

    the camera is very very very uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  41. muehliism says

    @huhtime oh, i think if sony and ea would work togetter the game would be awesome with the career mode and all things from ea there would be a sony edited version with all that cool things from tif and the gameplay from ea and a normal version

  42. retrosoccer says

    This Is Football had always trailed in sales to EA's FIFA series and Konami's International Superstar Soccer and Pro Evolution Soccer series, this may account for why sony ended the series?.

  43. muehliism says

    why didn t they continued this
    please answer

  44. Petr Šebesta says

    what? It can't be a game what I used to play when I was young 😀 but…I really loved it 🙂

  45. John Zissis says

    i love this game its funny,cool and MAD

  46. Ray Slavenburg says

    the sound was sooo good in this is football

  47. Trevor Davis says

    0:58 for action

  48. bgkugiya says

    i also have it and it remembers me of the old times and the hot summer.. god i miss those days…

  49. retrosoccer says

    @SkyliineE9 agreed

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