THIS IS OUR YEAR! | Part 90 | THE GREEK ODYSSEY FM20 | Football Manager 2020


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Another episode in my Road to Glory FM20 series with Greek second tier side Apollon Smyrnis. This Football Manager 2020 series starts off in the Greek Super League 2 – we’ve got no money, no fans and no idea how to speak the language. But we do have Mrs Wearmouth’s millions, which she’s used to build a state of the art youth facility and some lofty ambitions of Apollon winning the Champions League and Greece winning the World Cup. If she can find a recently retired Kev…

This is going to be a kind of hybrid Youth Academy challenge (but not quite) and Building a Nation (but not quite) save, of course with an added Kev spin…

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  1. BnK says

    Kev jair needs to be trained to be a right back!! Spurs jair throwback

  2. TargethitterMLG says

    Im surprised Hertha isn't world class. Every save I have had they become the best team in Germany

  3. paul butterworth says

    Sell acosta not as good he mean to be

  4. Kyle Johnson says

    Ah yes, more Jair things for the future

  5. L30887 says

    Surely you are going to un-train Ryan Allan's trait? A striker who looks for a pass rather than scoring

  6. andyc24uk says

    FM2021 series idea : Create a wonderkid striker named Damien Acosta-Carnevali and build the entire team around him… Maybe have both his dads on the coaching staff 😛

  7. Drew K says

    did you sort out of the corners then switch to the vertical tiki taka and they went back to default?

  8. Gerard Turley says

    Strange one with Acosta. 25 years experience tells you to take the money and try elsewhere! Some hidden attribute is pulling him back I'm afraid. Cant wait for liverpool ties!🏔⚽️

  9. Jordan Stallings says

    The corner you scored on it still looked like you had no one on the near post

  10. Sooraj Venugopal says

    Hey there no good Greek players coming through the other Greek teams? I guess you could check that out

  11. Jack Whitehaed says

    Do you know paok is bottom of the table

  12. ObviouslyKieran2 says

    Good to see "Doing Jair Things" making a return!

  13. Jason Evans says

    Kev, do your budget a favour and get £30M or so for Acosta , he isnt as fast as yould like and isnt the player to breach the next step for the club.Get a young striker with a priority of pace , physicality, work rate and getting in behind defenders.

  14. mrobb38 says

    Acosta is trash

  15. c c says

    Every Scottish person new favourite player is ryan Allen 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  16. Londronable says

    That 4-0 in the first game felt like KDB swinging it in.

  17. allard j says

    I'm curious if this Jair will also be doing Jair things!

  18. Cwieku says

    Swapping position is in Tactics -> Player. So no screen with whole tactic called overwiew, but button next to it (on top between overview and set pieces). You click on player and at the bottom of the screen is drop menu Called "Swap positions with…"

  19. Shawn Gillogly says

    Re: swapping player positions @ 5:30. You have to do it on a match day basis from the individual player instructions. You can't set it once and be done, like in FM15. Go to the little formation screen on the match tactics tab, click the player you want there, and it'll show "swap with" in the instruction screen.

  20. Ecxoes Gaming says

    Jair things?

  21. David Hourihan says

    Nice celebration from Germann. Yes, as other people have explained, you can use the player instructions screen to do the swap player mechanic. Also I'd sell Acosta. Take £20m and run.

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