This is the best football simulator: Realism re-review after six months with PES 2020



Ever wondered how PES would look like with FIFA licenses? Well there you go. After 6 months of installing mods and playing the game, here’s my realism review of the final product. Sorry about the audio –I recorded it using my phone; I’m trapped on foreign soil away from my trusty Blue Snowball microphone.

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Timestamps (14-min positives, 14-min negatives):

00:56 Shooting
05:40 First touch
06:37 Dribbling
08:18 Skills
08:31 Finesse Dribbling
09:10 Crossing and headers
11:31 Passing
13:37 Player runs (Positives)
14:10 Goalkeepers (Positives)
16:02 Referees (I)
18:01 Free Kicks
18:30 Referees (II)
20:44 Player and Ball Awareness
21:59 Player runs (Negatives)
22:23 Defending
25:22 Goalkeepers (Negatives)
26:26 Animations
26:59 Mods, Broadcast Cameras and 2021 Wishlist

For all the PES 2020 PC mods mentioned in this video:

The Red PATCH:


The Dream Patch:

Frostbite add-on for the stadiums:

NBC Scoreboard by Predator:

Anything else you’re missing from:

Spanish subtitles by Juansae Issd

Eva – 失望した:

Music License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 –

Credit for FIFA20 footage courtesy of Color Cocos’ incredible skills:

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  1. KnightMD says

    I'm on twitter now: and Instagram: Additional footage on my patreon: Also, I made TIMESTAMPS! Oh, please tweet it @officialpes !! Finally, those videos take a ton to make, so feel free to buy coffee thru Paypal at: telghaza@uwo.caPART 1: Positives00:00 Intro goals
    00:56 Shooting
    05:40 First touch
    06:37 Dribbling
    08:18 Skills
    08:31 Finesse Dribbling
    09:10 Crossing and headers
    11:31 Passing
    13:37 Player runs (Positives)
    14:10 Goalkeepers (Positives)

    PART 2: Negatives (somewhat)

    16:02 Referees (I)
    18:01 Free Kicks
    18:30 Referees (II)
    20:44 Player and Ball Awareness
    21:59 Player runs (Negatives)
    22:23 Defending
    25:22 Goalkeepers (Negatives)
    26:26 Animations

    PART 3: MISC

    26:59 Mods, Broadcast Cameras and 2021 Wishlist

  2. suthobay says

    May look real, may play real, but it's BORING TO PLAY. Fifa is garbage. I just miss the old days of PES6 and the excitement that came with every game. PES 20 is just sluggish and clunky to play

  3. nader says

    now imagine if there are classic team mods for pes 20 with this superb gameplay… wow

  4. Slice says

    I love PES gameplay, but the career mode, cutscenes, narration, pre match, and sliders makes FIFA a more fitting game for what I expect to a football game. When PES includes these things, EA will probably stop making FIFA because everyone will migrate to PES once for all.

  5. Constantin Toader says

    1 vs 1 tackle from behind is correct to be yellow if is in the box. A foul on a running striker committed by the last man of the defence will no longer result in a direct red card and suspension, unless the foul is violent or consists in a hand-ball in the box. As long as the foul is judged to be an honest attempt at taking the ball, the defender will only be shown a yellow card. This has been changed since 2016 if i recall correctly.

  6. Anony Mous says

    The long pass seems a bit sped up and unnatural, players look like taking a jolt before shooting or passing, plus the floaty balls… Gameplay wise pes 13 and 15 were the best…

  7. Dunamis GH says

    If these guys could fix their floating physics, they'll own the market

  8. Med Dem says

    Is this video gameplay of PC?

  9. YT Algorithm says

    I’ᗰ SᑌᗷᗷIᑎG TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE ᗯᕼO ᒪIKES TᕼIS ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎT ?❤️?I’ᗰ ᖴᗩST?

  10. Vincent Jackson says

    PES is that game

  11. Jason Bell says

    Why does the ball move too slow it's not particularly realistic

  12. ALEXBRAGA97 says

    Im about to go from console to pc, is this mod still good today with the latest pes updates and will it work and stuff? (Just getting into pc and modding games)

  13. Typho says


  14. anonymous inc says

    Konami should hire This guy

  15. Allen #7 says

    i am just waiting for pes22 on ps5…i hope it will be worth of waiting!

  16. Alex Cooper says

    The PC version of PES is indeed the most perfect soccer simulation game available.

  17. elpoderosaso says

    you do know that PES is sripted up the ass worse than FIFA wright?

  18. Cal Shakles says

    Data Pack 8 undid everything in this video and completely destroyed the game. Guess they can charge you £40 for a season update which “fixes” what they deliberately broke.

  19. Russell Crowe says

    Pes 20 is retarded lol you can never play matchday and I’m not that only one who has this problem. When you lookFor a matchday opponent it always says “couldn’t find match” never in my life has fifa had this problem for me and I’ve bought many fifas. I know a lot of people hate EA and fifa but there is a reason it will always outsell pes it doesn’t do stupid shit like not let you play online or only let you play at certain times. Going back to fifa because I can play online whenever I want unlike trash pes

  20. Antoniu Constantinescu says

    Fifa 20 is better

  21. Viciouss Alibii says

    Tell me ypur settings for this game

  22. Gabriel Marinho says

    28:33, you can actually do that if you "lock" your aim using RT on xbox or r2 on ps4.You choose where to kick, and click the button(Rt or R2) then you can even aim to the corner and your kick will go where you mark and it will show it from above

  23. julianlemonte says

    1:31 i thought it was a real football game

  24. ZERCOV says

    Can you get this on ps4

  25. Pontsho Mokoena says

    I decided to try out PES 2020 last year cause we all knew Fifa stopped making new games in 2015. Initially it was a whole different experience but sadly after a month of playing the game i started noticing that the game was also bad in its own ways. I don’t know what it is with sports games but it always feels like the CPU decides the outcome of every moment, which may be a bit unfair to judge as it is a game at the end of the day. But there’s always this sense that the user cpu has no clue what to do with themselves. Ultimately both fifa & PES are weak… unfortunately they are all we have so what can you do….

  26. Menime says

    Stop the video at 11:06. Jesus Christ it looks exactly like real life. What's it gonna look like in 15 years? Damn

  27. Christian Boulay says

    I've been playing PES since 2008 edition and since then till 2020. The Commentary in PES sounds ridiculous, but actually they are commentating on "players skills/game controller button pressing, action. So when they mention, Hazard didn't time it well or did an excellent job, they are directly feeding that information to the user behind the controller. Sadly, a lot of PES player aren't aware of it. I know it's a video, but evidently you've edited the goal keeper ability points. They've lowered the : Reaction : GK Positioning : Jumping. I can tell the slow GK awareness and understanding, in this Video. My concern is that illusion you've sort of established in video that goals like you've showcased could be an every match occurrence. Goal Keepers in PES are actually dreadfully over–rated, they will not allow you beautiful goals in higher match difficulties. They will get boosted in stats due to the higher difficulty where the goalkeepers will have super-bosted skills when it comes to reactions and ball catching, not just goalkeepers but defenders and strikers too. In higher difficulty unless the GK has dreadfully low edited stats, they won't parry the ball back into your path as much as the AI does to your side, and usually gifts the COM players certain easy goals.Regardless, thank you for the video. And hope PS5 and PES 2021 can become the most important thing to gaming, well you know, at least be able to make us feel happier.

  28. Flying Goose says

    Im not sure if maybe someone forgot to tell Konami that the whole point of playing a game is to be rewarded when you play the game well ?? PES 2020 is a lesson that when you play well … " Fuck you …" " I'm the A.I, Ill decide whe you win or lose !" Completely pointless exercise. FIFA wins therfore ….

  29. Anony Mous says

    Too bad Konami lost the UCL license….

  30. Bahjat Salame says

    The patch for PS4 ? Please answer me ?

  31. Nerdlinger Richardson says

    Good video. I feel in this version you have to work even harder to get the most out of it.

  32. Daan Abbring says

    Yeah I want to see free kicks getting more challenging and better foul decisions in PES 2021.

  33. Brett Lyons says

    Will these mods work with the current data pack?

  34. diegol says

    Could you make a video how to do those dribblings

  35. HARIS Teparić says


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