1. Unbox Therapy says

    Let's play a game… Is this a new iPhone or an old iPhone? You can't say both.

  2. Gem says

    I think ima get the se2 just because it has the home button and it’s small enough to fit in my handsI’m coming from iPhone SE numero uno

  3. Pawara Navojith says

    You earned a sub

  4. Vid. says

    I'm still on my iPhone 7 and while I do want faster specs…..What I really want is a bigger screen.

  5. Moudire Ifan says

    As per Apple’s June Financial reports , the SE sales have exceeded expectations

  6. gidgetcomedics says

    As someone using the XS, I actually prefer Apple with the basic, old design- the one with the home button, of course. So when this came out it actually makes me happy.

  7. Riadh Ghith says

    i bet all dislikes are the wide blinded people

  8. BigJayGunna says

    I don’t understand how a new iPhone is the same size as a old iPhone

  9. Flixyy says

    I’m using a rad

  10. A Ld says

    I am not into the big phones!

  11. James W says

    I'm thinking of switching to iPhone. So the S.E could be a great start for me. I did have the S4 but then switched to the Note 3 & stuck with Samsung and Android since. The freedom to do what ever I liked to my phone, I could even developer mode my phone right out of the box and customise it more. But the that "novelty" has warn off now and that's the only way I can explain it. I don't really care for the fancy fancy stuff, I'm still using my S10+. So many the S.E will fill that lack of you I get in phones now and ready me for the iPhone 12 or even 13.

  12. TPulous says

    It is so annoying when youtubers talk about people who hold on to older phones. They think that people with older phones choose to have an old phone. As a former iPhone SE first gen user I would look on at the iPhone 11 Pro. I wished that I could get it. But for over a thousand. We can’t afford it. Most of us would want a nice phone with the best specs with no bezels, BUT WE CAN’T AFFORD IT. Luckily for me an iPhone X second hand for a great price. But it was an amazing deal and without it I would upgrade, but not a new phone. A refurbished older phone. I would have loved a new phone but I couldn’t afford it.

  13. nazrul Islam says

    iphone all is good only one is not good font size is not good

  14. Serik Baldwin says

    I have the SE 2 and I love it. It’s really fast.

  15. Emilie Tan says

    Nice green screen

  16. JaySean Ochia says

    Every person on this earth, they say iPhone SE 2 is very affordable…!! Me: why I can't afford an iPhone SE 2???WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY LIFE?? SUFFERING FROM POORNESS ??

  17. Rume Malaka says

    Guy create your own phone

  18. naisa kucing lucu says

    aku. muyang. 5

  19. E M says

    someone help do I get a SE or a galaxy s8

  20. xABDOUx says

    Why does his videos always have a lot of dislikes?

  21. heera majeed says

    the number of people who still has a shitty android i dont even have that this my fathers phone

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