This is what a computer science exam looks like at university


Update Jun 2019: The exam link is no longer working but other exams for this course can be found at

This computer science exam includes content such as Big O notation, style and structure, programming, Dijkstra’s algorithm, spanning trees,
hash tables and binary trees.

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  1. Tibees says

    Clarification: Only max 2 children in a binary tree – slip of the tongue

  2. Scaarub xD says

    Schroedingers cat in the background, the dead ghost and the living cat. i love that poster.

  3. Maryam Attia says

    Can you help me in preparation for my physics and computer science exam ? Recommend books or online courses please ?

  4. Matias Vera says

    love your poster of schrodinger cat 🙂

  5. Ryan Bandler says

    Second semester class at my school. We have a much more in-depth data structures course later

  6. Chino says

    I found your channel through Cody's… Your videos and presentation style are awesome.. I've subscribed.. thanks for posting such fantastic content.

  7. xDgHoStHeCKeR says

    i wish my cs exams would look like this. We have like 70% coding and 30% knowledge questions. It was like this from my first semester on going..

  8. Ravi Singh says

    I'm sorry but your teeth are actually unreal, it's so straight.

  9. D E says

    I guess my school or many schools use the same format. This looks exactly like the same format I have been used to for the last 4 years on every single misterm/final.

  10. Ishmael Riven says

    Dude i use to rock at Cornell with my bro Andy back in the day. Shoutout to the Narddog:)

  11. Meryem Sanhaji says

    I like you girl

  12. Luis Martin Perez says

    Awesome channel for all of us that are passionate about knowledge. Btw u are super sweet and beautiful… greetings from Madrid…

  13. Chris Lam says

    Hey, just lending some context here as someone who took this exact class this past fall. This is the second class in the introductory CS curriculum, meant to be taken after CS 111 (now called 1110). It mainly focuses on object oriented programming and data structures, with a little bit of dabbling in graph algorithms and ending with a quick overview of concurrency.

  14. Asha Rawat says

    Why these types of videos are popping in my recommendations, does this mean that I am smart now?

  15. Anouar El Marnissy says

    we can not download the exam

  16. asmcriminaL says

    That's an exam for a specific class. It's like saying, "Here is a math exam." and it shows only algebra. There is a lot more stuff out there.

  17. Maddikera Praneeth says

    When Emma Watson and emila Clarke had a baby. She is her

  18. StepwaveMusic says

    This exam was basically our Data Structures course! I'm a first year Computer Science student right now, I thought this was rather easy. Ended it with an 8 which is higher than most of my other courses.

  19. Ds Production says

    Omg so you litreally read all kinds of subjects ???

  20. Kaleb Bruwer says

    I don't know cornell's system, but normally a 2xx code means second year.

  21. Soumya Prakash Sahoo says

    Good day Miss Computer science is very difficult .Do not look at it.It is a horrible course .

  22. smonyboy says

    that's introductory? oh fk me

  23. Tom Le says

    People code on paper nowadays. Weird

  24. silent says

    don’t go to university if u want to code for a living. it’s one of the few jobs where a degree really doesn’t matter.

  25. Lord Moflombi says

    Yep.Never got higher than a 75% on any of these despite knowing all the material.

  26. Lycan says


  27. ShapedSilver says

    Wow, this is way more advanced than the intro course gets in my school. Some of these topics didn't come up for me until the third class in the fundamentals sequence (although that class has exams much harder than this.)

  28. Being HIFI says

    poster of schrodinger at her wall

  29. Dan Niton says

    3:28 Wow I always thought dijkstra is only for games programming.

  30. ᚱobert Diecry says

    This is very basic, I'm learning this now and I'm in my first year…

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