1. GustavoFilms HD says


  2. Gabriele C. Di Fazio says

    A very Normal good player

  3. Mimo says

    For 80mil you only get a player who is composed on the ball and can make a good through pass for a goal and if you want proven world class player you have to pay a little over 100mil just crazy.

  4. Andrew Asante says

    Giroud is going to be a fat kid… Feeding off all those passes from Pulisic, Kai, Timo and Ziyech.

  5. Vincent Weber says

    Chelsea has made a good catch. And I just noticed that the german national team's midfield will contain Gnabry, Sané, Kimmich, Havertz, Kroos, Gündogan, Draxler and Brandt. Wtf. ಠ_ಠ

  6. Jose Flores says

    Y’all should be smart and buy his sports card now before he moves to a big club cause it’ll be worth a lot then

  7. shameer rafeeq says

    Meeting a German with this kind of style is wonderful…such players are usually snatched by barca or real…he looks confident and covers entire midfield…also plays as a winger….I don't know why others are not lining up for him….

  8. Ibrahim M. Bah says

    He reminds me of Ozil.

  9. De Santa says

    Im a chelsea fan but i doubt he will success at chelsea. Damn

  10. archith gudihal says

    He’s a really good player but is he better than mount?? Probably not

  11. Fifajesius says

    tbh I kinda always thought he was overrated hope he can prove me wrong

  12. Robert Vågen says

    Why is Chelsea the only interested team? The Kid looks briliant!

  13. Alessandro Schiavone Football Sports says

    https://youtu.be/gnJpUFwc2k8 HAVERTZ CLOSE

  14. Nanda AR says

    He is average bro.. fr

  15. Jonathan Wendler says

    not convinced

  16. Sohel Patel says

    Can anyone please tell me this song name? Thanks. 🙂

  17. Kamarul Finn says

    Can he dethrone mason mount tho? But I'm ready to see the iron sharpens iron competition

  18. MR. F. says

    Chelsea ?????

  19. Big Smoke says

    No high expectations though but if he performs chelsea will be unbeatableEdit:Fuck kepa

  20. aditya anasane says

    Why do I feel like he is a future legend?

  21. Yandhi Pridana says

    He's the new Mesut Ozil ?

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