This LOST Mega Man Game is the Best! | Megaman Rock n Roll


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Ever since doing my most recent Mega Man theory over on Game Theory, I’ve been wanting to dip my gamer toes back into the franchise. Today is the day, Theorists! I’m playing the Mega Man fan game, Megaman: Rock N Roll. Mega Man has been taken and we have to rescue him!

***Sorry for the audio issues… again. I know shocker right? But I tried to do you all a solid and replace as much of the missing game audio as possible. Unfortunately no Sound Effects, and possibly some miss timed audio, but I hope you enjoy. If not, you know what to do… Blame Jason!

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  1. Janice Cole says

    Nice game

  2. Karinka meyer says

    did anyone else noticed Tango the cat sleeping in the background?

  3. Alex Middleton says

    Does anybody else wonder if MatPat remembers the people who comment on his videos? Like “Oh, that’s the same person who commented on yesterday’s game theory video.” Or “Oh look, that’s the same person who commented on the last GTLive video.”. I actually think about this all the time and I feel like that one annoying person in the comments who’s ALWAYS TALKING. It’s because I’m Italian… ?

  4. Kalief Foster says

    So in case you aren’t aware… Ross saw your play through of his preview level. You might wanna watch it?

  5. Oaken Shadow _Harpie_ says

    Definitly want to see more of this game!

  6. GeriMan says

    Here's the weakness order of these Robot Masters: Ghost > Beetle > Dune > Missile > Tide > Drake > Polar > Reactor > Ghost

  7. Shelbyandenemys says

    I want the Game theory pop socket

  8. August Cornfeld says

    More mega man more more more

  9. Spoop Dogg says

    Why again is GT not live?

  10. Rikku Pendragon says

    I love the Food Theorist channel, I have already watched all of the videos uploaded to it and looking forward to seeing more. Also, seeing your hoodie reminds me that I still have an order of your new merch. It's been a while since I ordered it but I know it will be worth the wait. I understand that the pandemic and the making of the merch is the reason why it has taken so long and I appreciate Creator Ink keeping me updated with emails on the process.

  11. Cerburus Mori says

    32:18 Don't forget the E tank….

  12. musicrase66 says

    I know it’s been a while and I feel like I’m slowly losing hope but when Stephanie comes back can you guys please continue Detroit becomes human again?? I remember you guys saying that you guys really enjoyed it but just want to make sure both of you were here to play it, but I haven’t heard any updates about the game since then and was just wondering if you guys are still planning to continue it??

  13. Duke Fittipaldi says

    I'm happy that matpat is starting to look more like matpat

  14. Exotic Water Bottle says

    They should play danganronpa

  15. Karel Hnedkovsky says

    Maybe get Gaijin Goombah to be a guest on GTLive, since you had that conversation?

  16. Mani Ram says

    Matpat is so wholesome when playing I love it

  17. DerpyCarrotMan2 says

    Mat: I would rent the other games and beat them.Me: cough Humble brag cough

  18. Jon Doe says

    The original mega man team needs to play this and stream it I would love to see their reactions and hear their comments on it

  19. Jon Doe says

    Dennis Englehard programmed the game and Juhani Junkala composed the music bravo it's a masterpiece

  20. Blaze Redraw says

    Who else decided to sing the intro cause there isn't any sound at the start?

  21. Jon Doe says

    Two people made this game and with support from a team of testers

  22. Jon Doe says

    Mega man unlimited and Mega man SFR are also excellent fan made games imo

  23. Jon Doe says

    The music on this game is superb and an important element to every mega man game this game is wonderfully designed and the dedication and passion is apparent this should be copied to discs and sold as a retail release for xbox 360 and ps3 and xbox one and ps 4 for digital download…just saying

  24. Karel Hnedkovsky says

    18:52 don't bother! You need Tide man's weapon here!

  25. Kristian Larson says

    character: * has a speech impediment *MatPat: "worst voice acting ever lol"me: ??? "i smell an over party"

  26. Andrews Cartoons FlipaClip says


  27. Floyd Vaughan says

    Hey man, if you don’t mind a bit of a checkup process beforehand, silver dollar city in Missouri is open.

  28. Nightshade says

    wait. megaman is a robot and got a power called "soul trap". Five Nights At MegaMan's.

  29. Shawn Hamilton says

    Megaman will always be one of my favorite franchises.

  30. Nicola Reilly says

    Mega Man Rick and Roll

  31. Adin Silverstein says

    The title implies that this is a canceled game made by Capcom. Please do not use titles like this in the future. I would like to know that this is a fan game based on the title, not be click bait-ed into watching this video.

  32. Justin Henson says

    This is so awesome! It's the Mega Man game we needed! Not to mention being more woke than most Mega Man games.

  33. mateo delgado says

    Thansk matpat for loving your fanbase!!

  34. So Yeah says

    MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. SupremeDuckIsSupreme TheDuck says

    More of this game please! Big fan of mega man, and this game did not disapoint!

  36. Saxel Adude says

    megaman 2 boss weakness pattern makes no sense like explosion beats time. But every other megaman game it makes sense like megaman 3 shadow beats light/electrcity which beats magnet in turn beats metal. in megaman 4 ring or treasure beat trash/dust.

  37. JPbrother says

    "Of all of the things i could be doing with my"free"time im hanging with you guys"Says Mat Pat to the camera.?

  38. DmitriSolomon says

    How come Steph & Mat work so much? Like, it's great to have ambition and discipline but do they have a portion of the evening at least where it is feet up and enjoying the result of their work?

  39. Little Treble Adriana says

    In all fairness to Roll being a cleaning robot, wasn’t Rock originally a cleaning robot as well until he volunteered to become Mega Man? So at the least he did work too—

  40. Fabio Ribeiro Peralta says

    When is the next food theory

  41. Emma Kinzian says

    As far as new channel ideas, I'd be all for YouTube or business Theory, in which you do all of your on the couch videos about YouTube as a company, changes, the algorithm, business predictions, etc

  42. tBlueMage says

    I'm glad to see you do Mega Man content and I hope you do more of it. Please continue to highlight Mega Man fan games. I'd encourage you to check out Mega Man X Corrupted if you're looking for super high quality Mega Man fan games.

  43. Emma Kinzian says

    Please don't burn yourself and your team out. Everyone needs breaks. We'd much rather you take the time you need to stay healthy and take care of you and yours, rather than just churning out content because that's what's expected. Obviously I don't know the business and financial situation you're in, but if you can, PLEASE consider taking some time off.

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