this villan is UGLY (Marvel Avengers Game)


Marvel Avengers is officially out and really wanted to check it out maybe series?
If we hit 10,000 likes on this video I will make a series on Avengers Game
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  1. Danie Delport says

    tony: we failed him our teachers: are we twinning

  2. Dante Andrews says

    3:16 to 3:50 the funniest parts I thought he sayed hunky almost

  3. Mr BlahBah says

    11:34 when u get in bed with bae

  4. Mattia Barrett says

    I just realised the man in the chair is modok

  5. Eomoki says

    Did anyone else even realise the fact that Brandon spelt villain wrong.

  6. Oof says

    The villan is Rick Ashley

  7. Joseph Terry says

    Reads the titleMe: relatable

  8. Bartek Szubert says


  9. Kimo Rankin says

    The angrier hulk gets the stronger he gets

  10. Steven Gonzalez says

    Play The Walking Dead survival Instinct

  11. Seth Awotwe says

    And subscribe

  12. Mr SHITTY says

    play the hole game please

  13. Jaden Cintron says

    I think tiny dancer is black widow

  14. Melda Gonzales says

    Pls messyourself pls messyourself

  15. Kenz says

    did anyone notice: HOW will they eat? how did Hulk eat

  16. Alfiedub 777 says

    That huge ass foreheaded guy is called MODOK

  17. Abel Tharakan says

    I don't know if he's joking about how fun killing people is, or if he's a straight up psychopath.

  18. Wilson Clavijo says

    Your right about iron Man he's voiced by Nolan north who also voices Nathan drake

  19. Theo Huegill says

    Lol I got the avengers back together but then they went on each other cap is still alive

  20. The amazing Shark says

    This game has a lot of robots too many robots

  21. Joshua Guevara says

    Mini series

  22. Alex Edholm says

    i see how tony got short hair he got a haircut

  23. AAnaqiGZ Uns says

    But yet tony and Bruce are Nathan and Samuel drake

  24. Jennifer ivy says

    Every time he becomes hulk his clothes rip apart right? Were in the world does he get new ones!?!?!?

  25. YourSelfLeader says

    next play hiitman 3

  26. Dopey Dylan says

    12:36 why does messyourself look sick🥺

  27. Dante Mathee says

    Can you play twin mirror and tell me why

  28. Dante Mathee says

    You should make a series on life is strange 2 after this

  29. Zade M'Rose says

    Tony stark is Nolan north (Nathan drake) and Bruce banner is Troy baker (same Nathan’s brother ) in uncharted 4

  30. That_sky _ says

    Play tail tell the enemy within

  31. Elis Roomets says

    Play Yantere Simolator!! (┛✧Д✧))┛彡┻━┻

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