1. PJStrength and Fitness says

    If you’re new to the channel, SMASH that subscribe button! Stay safe everyone and also let me know if YOU think Thor will retire or not down below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  2. J says

    Eddie will spark him right out.

  3. Alston Trbula says

    What a whiny little bitch. Eddie is so much better

  4. Sean J. says

    And this is why my favorite strongman is Martins Licis cause he always seems to try and bring a good mood to everything and is friendly to all his strongman brothers, I like both Thor and Eddie but they need to grow up, even though Thor was mostly just responding to eddies comments but if he really didn't care like he said then he wouldn't respond like a upset teenager, they both need to hangout with Licis more cause he brings the best out of them

  5. Jonny Deth says

    Word of mouth from strongman athletes that get a lot of social media views, is a lot of these guys are pissed off over the rivalry, trash talk and scheduled boxing match because it's bringing negative attention to the sport.IMO, this gives those guys a MASSIVE opportunity to get on social media, speak their mind on it briefly then talk about themselves and the sport with the subscribers it brings them. I don't think these athletes and the sport are given appropriate coverage, especially in a nation like the USA where the absolute foundation is individuality. They have a year to train, if I have heard correctly, and if Thor retires, it gives some relief to strongman athletes as well as a source of media attention. I'm personally not someone that gives 2 stinky shits about team sports but these guys where it's you vs the world interest the hell out of me.

  6. JR Williams says

    He had the chance of a lifetime (analogous to Whitney Houston’s moving inspirational song: “ One Moment In Time“ from the ‘92 Olympic’s Soundtrack) to aggrandize himself as the consummate face and ambassador of strongman for posterity. He did the heavy lifting portion literally and figuratively, and all he had to do was be the Thor who all of his true fans know: humble and thankful, celebrate how hard he worked while convey the message you can achieve your goals and dreams if you work hard, make a strong mention how the 501kg would’ve been impossible without his support/ strength team, and give a tentative idea of 2020’s remaining comps he would be competing in. Doesn’t take a genius to put that speech into affect on the fly. Even with the brevity he was given to speak following the 501kg WR, he could’ve hit all those points while garnering more respect and no small amount of new strongman followers. Instead he pulled a bait and switch and unequivocally exposed the spuriousness of the ostensible enmity between himself and Eddie Hall!I’m Cade you haven’t been paying attention: we were bamboozled like some f-n muppets! This whole beef was a carefully choreographed load of bs for a fight that will be an all white version of Kimbo (RIP) vs DADA 5000, which was irrefutably the worst combat competition I have ever had to suffer through for a painstaking 15 min. If Thor isn’t planning on retiring he should because he is in his prime and if he kept up his training he would have 4-5 more elite years left before his strongest yearsare in the proverbial rear view. Now even if he does want to return after this bs fight is through he will have missed likely 2 WSM COMPS and 1 Arnold Classic. With no sig. injuries I would bet Thor would win 2 out 3 of those comps. However, with Mateusz already chomping at the bit and hot on Thor’s heels in world class comps already; by 2021 Mateusz will just be coming into his prime and favored in most comps moving forward at WSM 2021 and beyond, while Thor will be on the backstretch. WSM only 6 wk out and the fight is more than a year away after WSM 2020 IS OVER. Thor is already in if he doesn’t competent then he is a bigger fool than what I originally Thor likely will miss WSM 2020 is a huge blow to Thor’s legacy

  7. Marcus Orillius says

    Of all the people to talk. Eddie hall is the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE OF ALL TIME. Didn’t Eddie hall quit after he won WSM, once! Eddie hall is a Doucette bag. Full of shit, cry baby.

  8. jim mick says

    What do you expect…eddie an English wanker

  9. Caden Mason says

    I like how hall talks trash while Thor has beat him in every Europe’s strongest man

  10. Christopher Chi says

    I'm sorry but you're so unbelievably biased towards Eddie and the bullshit he's been spewing out his ass. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that Eddie is just being stuck up and jealous that someone will take his WR away from him soon. Not to mention the other video you made where you showed Thor literally speed repping 470kg and then said that he's "not quite there yet" for the 501.

  11. Joe Bot says

    Thor is not retiring boys for a while – he has 4 more WSM's to get.

  12. John Lee says

    He just had a q&a with Brian Shaw where he said he had not decided when he was retiring

  13. George Soto says

    If Thor lifts 520kg even if it’s not at the strongman comp 520kg is still 520kg

  14. Pieter Moolman says

    Lol he is not retiring. Get the fuck out of here!

  15. shaqitup says

    He also kind of answers it in a Q&A he just did with Shaw, Brian basically says he will stop when he doesn't love it anymore and Thor said he's int he same boat and doesn't have an answer.I would be surprised if he retires but not if he trims down a bit, he also said hes about 205-207 KG right now and has been 210 at his absolute heaviest. He likes to compete at around 190ish.Guy has put on a lot of weight over the last year or 2 to max out his static strength.

  16. Joe Cheema says

    I don't think thor retiring yet

  17. Chris Dean says

    All the haters of Eddie are hilarious lol.

  18. LethalPhysique says

    When did Eddie hall post this and where?

  19. Tomás Cuddihy says

    Eddie is embarrassing himself. Comes across as bitter and hatefilled.

  20. Cal Glen says

    Eddie has really went down in my opinion these last couple weeks. At this point its genuinely just sour grapes coming from him knowing that yeah he won WSM and was the first to get the 500kg but Thor is now and always has been the more complete package as the worlds strongest man. He needs to take a step back and stop causing BS that Thor clearly cant be bothered with being apart of. No way Thor is retiring in the next 5 years for definite

  21. philip Trevor says

    thor just said he does not know when he will retire in brians interview

  22. MadKingLuke says

    Everyone hating on Eddie but I think he can be understandably upset when he was denied access to the log press re try. He probably just seems it as unfair that Thor isn’t getting the same treatment but with this virus the whole world is in uncharted territory and things just have to change.

  23. shawn phillips says

    This dude is so stuck on his self and seems to think everything is about him and if Thor wants to retire whenever it’s his choice and sorry Eddie Hall but everyone’s life and mind doesn’t revolve around but I’m sure you think it does! Quit being a twat as you say or a blowhard like I say!

  24. Chris Perry says

    I don't feel like he will retire from strong man I think he might take a little break

  25. philip Trevor says

    addressing two of eddies points in that interview:1. maybe thor wants to one up him and retire: thats what eddie wanted to do with a fight2. eddie said this will open pandoras box: but eddie wanted and would probably have taken a opportunity like this for the log press, it seems like it was inevitable that an organization would make an event like this, thor was just unlucky to be sort of be the first to do an event like this because of the virus.

  26. Luke Emmanuel Hammond says

    He may quit WSM but not strongman. Arnold Strongman Classic will be his home for a few years before he retires.

  27. philip Trevor says

    did he not say that he will probably compete in arnold and wus in the future in the same interview?

  28. Luke Emmanuel Hammond says

    Never gonna happen. Hafthor will compete for a few more years.

  29. Junder R says

    Honestly it’s better that’s the internet decides rather than a corrupt sanctioning body.

  30. Werner Gansert says

    Thor is playing us …..he has a lot left in the tank unless there are health issues that we are not aware of….Eddie on the other hand needs to calm down, he gets too emotional, he is to attached.

  31. Greg BP says

    Thor is gonna retire and keep gaming on twitch

  32. Alex Sol says

    good content

  33. Eugene Murray says

    Clip A was a schoolgirl rumor being spread by a rather dehydrated Stacey, clip B was a train of thought, if you watch the prior question Thor leads into criticism of WSM not Strongman, the following question he also criticizes WSM politics not Strongman. It has been quite clear Thor is dedicated more effort to WUS and ASC competition efforts for about a year now.

  34. Rass Hamilton says

    not gonna watch this vid but this is just clickbait

  35. Alex Falto says

    Eddie is so bitter its hilarious, its like he tries so desperately to stay on script but he just can't help himself….🤣🤣

  36. Lucus Davis says

    just sounds like a yapping little girl at this point, the sport isn't won't go into a Pandora's box it'll be fine

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