1. NightKnight says

    It's 2020. and League of Legends has changed so much but … Thresh is still an amazing champion … I remember when he just came out and this song started playing in my login screen … I miss the old League …

  2. 3rd Earth Productions says

    turns on music waits a few seconds Huh. There is no mus-NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPEFUCKTHATIMOUT! quits

  3. Alexander Andreasson says

    scared the shit out of me

  4. xmuginho ツ says

    kotek pije mleko 😀

  5. Ben Caithamer says

    Isn't this like an evil version of a nursery rhyme or something? I see to recognize the tune

  6. Rayech says

    Better than horror

  7. bruno seriese says

    awesome 😀

  8. Junrey Jamero says

    : )

  9. Junrey Jamero says


  10. Camilla L says

    i really love this LOL i hope im not the only one.

  11. Sohail Kharrazi says

    Dats so scary

  12. Omen Rider says


  13. malachi nelson says

    1st view… lol. but still thresh looks like a sick hero and can be good in team fights.

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