Throwback – Chris Kamara's Street Soccer


The Throwback series will be where we take a look at some old games and give you a short review on them. Today we take a look at Chris Kamara’s Street Soccer

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  1. Gilles Ronconi says

    Kind of late, but lately I was testing PSX games and played this for some time, everything you mention is absolutely true. All in all, horrible game, but to some point, still a little bit fun.

  2. Milenko Sepúlveda says

    loved this game as a kid. it was pure shite

  3. Luis Eduardo Gómez de Aranda Junco says

    I got seriously dizzy from watching this. How did videogames ever pick up after such a terrible shame?

  4. McDudes says

    yes I love this game. I used to play it all the time when I was a kid. I love all the dupe powers the different teams have.

  5. G Applegarth says

    Thanks, good to hear from someone who played the game 'for real' as opposed to someone doing it just for something to post

  6. chchedda says

    Loved this game, score from same place every time

  7. retrosoccer says

    before fifa street…

  8. Matthew Lambert says

    You should've given us the opportunity to listen to Kamara's "commentary", some of which I swear wasn't English.

  9. Liam Miskell says

    The final mission on this game was took on chris kamara in a game of wembley doubles for the johnstones paint trophy.what a game

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