1. saman milani says

    thank you oli Giroud really thank you boy for everything. . Giroud plz keepppppp….

  2. Lav Kapoor says

    Rip Leipzig against Atlético the vardrid

  3. Nuhu Ludra says

    AwesomeSupernova ????☝️?

  4. Trí Nguyễn says

    Welcome Timo Werner

  5. lotchanga patrick says

    Soyez le bienvenu chez nous

  6. ZOMBIE PES says

    Were is mask

  7. Hasib Raiyan says

    Timo Werner's first training session as a Chelsea player https://youtu.be/MNHYsetda-E

  8. Aryan Kumar Singh says

    I have massive respect for giroud for his professionalism even when Abraham was playing ahead of him he proved us after the restart that experience matters ,sad to say but timo taking his place ,I know we have three good strikers now and we can now depend upon him also

  9. Russell Nee-Owoo says

    Welcome Timo Werner

  10. che c says

    To all Chelsea fans: [Must See!] how TIMO Werner and Hakim ZIYECH fit in Chelsea https://youtu.be/o1TDi7nnfJM

  11. Simon Tes says

    Wellcome to timo

  12. Mas Manado says

    I think Giroud not happy

  13. eko saputra says

    Giroud looks not really happy lol

  14. Gulshan Qooje says

    Oliver he is gonna sleep ???? after Timo

  15. onlineworkhelper247 onlineworkhelper247 says

    At the moment we're following a goalkeeper who's moved across Europe to different clubs to ply his match-fixing tradeemail onlineworkhelper247@gmail.com


    Nno (welcome) timo

  17. Dee Lama says

    Welcome Werner

  18. Nabs gilo says

    Welcome home Timo

  19. Success Edughaen says

    Welcome to Chelsea Timo Timo.

  20. John says

    giroud looks pissed lol

  21. Kid Murda_ king says

    forever ???

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