Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle! 2019 Fitness Tips + Motivation


are you ready to start a healthy lifestyle in 2019?! 🙂 thumbs up if you are!!
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✧ I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to start a healthy lifestyle and I hope this year you discover that being healthy truly starts on the inside 🙂 I love you! Here’s to waking up earlier, eating healthy, and learning to love staying fit and healthy from the inside out ♡ xo Cambria Joy

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  1. James Charis says

    I like your video Cambria Joy. I will like to share your video on other social media platforms

  2. Snar-D Tech says

    Try this for exercising I'm sure you gonna be verry happy the results ?

  3. Health & Fitness Motivation says

    Thanks this was helpfull to stay motivated I am inspired to make videos that was helpfull too love it.

  4. Anil Kumar Chugh says


  5. sugondho pamungkas says

    i'm love the music intro

  6. Lindseyy Amor says

    If I lived by the ocean that would be my motivation!! ?

  7. heyy its mlo says

    this video is so inspiring! thank you<3

  8. Kida Delacruz says

    Where is this? So pretty out there

  9. Sky Hart says

    I like the way you are

  10. Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson says

    the internal self is way important than the external one, so it is great that you got aware of your inner self more 🙂

  11. Sofia Pinto says

    She remembers me of Stefan from The Vampire Diaries

  12. CloudTown says

    Im actually overweight, so im scared to workout in public because i feel like somebodys watching me and laughing…

  13. Gi Schuastcer says

    Incredible video and encouragement.
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  14. Nyrecha Raphael says

    Im a Jehovah witness

  15. Seohyun says

    It's amazing thank you so muchLove you????❤️

  16. bob Days says

    God is amazing. ?

  17. Diana Northwolf says

    Lol I have a lazy bff and I'm also lazy but I wanna be fit and healthy but idk how to start. and I'm always rly tired at morning. Lol I need a dog so I can get fit and always go for a walk

  18. Tamara Pavlović says

    You are so so inspiring and I love listening your words, thank you ✨❤

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  20. Katica Lázár says

    Beautiful! This impressed me!❤️

  21. Kevin Villalobos says

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  22. Sally Treager says

    Amazing Video.
    What other hints have you got?
    Right now i'm looking at other methods
    Thank you

  23. Calm DOSE says

    Excellent! Keep up the great work!

  24. digol beats says

    1. Grab a workout partner2. Active hang outs3. Wear workout clothes4. Have fun5. Know your why6. "want to" not "have to"7. Start fresh

  25. Alistair Strydom says

    Hey! Thank you so much Cambria Joy for sharing such valuable information. I have learned so much from you ever since following you for the last few months. In fact, along this entire journey, I have been amazed on how much results I actually get after applying what you share in your videos.

  26. FUNCTIONAL CONTRACTIONS says ??Sharing ideas is great .

  27. yaqeen 55555 says

    Where does she live?

  28. Laila Mossemann says

    I needed this❤?


  30. Nisha Sharma says

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  31. Lexie BC says

    I loved all the tips and the fact that you talked a little about God. Hoping to see more videos like this.

  32. Yuri Moctezuma says

    I love how motivated you are. Thank you.

  33. Kelly Gilliam says

    What is the song playing at 4:39!?

  34. Nora Elizabeth says

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  35. Faith Holly says

    Your videos are motivation for eating disorder recovery. I’ve hit an all time low but I want to strive for health and freedom. Could you do a video on body image and deciding to care for your body reguardless of not liking what you see in the mirror?

  36. Andrea Densmore says


  37. Kayla says

    Ok how about a realistic one.

  38. Katherine Gabrielle says

    Watching this really lifted my spirit. I love you, Cambria!!!! <3

  39. Becsbooks plus says

    I needed this! Thank you so much ?

  40. Leanne says

    Wow, this is such a motivational and beautiful video! I really like your mindset and i'm trying to make that shift you're talking about!

  41. katy shi says


  42. Treasures4Food says


  43. mia says

    This was so inspirational!! You’re amazing and thank you for helping me to shift my outlook!! And the bloopers were great too ? ?

  44. jacqueline vingren says

    I looooove this video. <3

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