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  1. Michael Uskiewicz says

    The silence linglers

  2. Zephyr Blade says

    Wow i forgot about this gem of a series. Need to rewatch it now

  3. Erin Malimban says

    Thankful for sherbies and the unmitigated joy of arin buttscooting across the floor

  4. Cerulia says

    I just love seeing the difference between the on-set anime moments and the crazy animations when they’re out of character, haha

  5. IamayMizono says

    I love how sherbies incorporates the extra sound effects the grumps make into the animation. Adds much more character.

  6. Casserpillar says

    This is so unbelievably hysterical I'm am in so much pain from laughing

  7. Sunshine says

    I just watched Shin Godzilla today (because of Game Grumps) so that Godzilla at the end killed me, besides every other part of this haha

  8. Jedimindfunk says

    THE ART STYLE!!! So good!

  9. Ben Vogelpohl says

    That bouncing to the beatbox at the end tho

  10. Nevict says

    Appo Sai approves.

  11. Bonsly Kong says

    This looks like a ghibli film

  12. HIM says

    0:55 0:56 shouldn't have made me laugh so hard.

  13. DIYote Gaming says

    I love the implication that a laughing-mad Arin threw himself at the wall with the absurdity at 0:59.

  14. dualsamurai says


  15. Bunny says

    I laughed so hard I farted. Twice.

  16. eduarz723 says

    We still need the animated for this series' "WHAT THE FLIPPITY FLOPPITY GODDAMN HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" pose

  17. SariaSpeaks says

    This could have gone on forever and I wouldn't have minded

  18. BearFlipsTable says

    Was this animated by sherbies, or shoocharu

  19. Big Learner says

    Right before this I got a football is here adTODAY REALLY IS FOOTBALL

  20. Silly Little No One says

    Today is football merch..?

  21. Anissa Lavers says

    Today is Panties

  22. Pretty GAY says

    *O H W R, D A T S A B A S U B A W L"

  23. Hayley Basler says

    Oh My God I forgot all about pantsu hunter! Looks like I know what I'm binging tomorrow

  24. steelWindAlchemist says

    Hai Sherbies! Are you still working on the House Party remake? Now you gotta make the Pantsu Hunter remake!

  25. Stoodmuffin Personal says

    "It's like a fever dream, dude," What, all of 2020?Also, amazing stuff. Your animated was amazing. That game was not. Lmao

  26. Aurora Hill says

    Today is FootballThe Game Grumps are awesomeIt's snowing on Mount Fuji

  27. Hunter Blessing says

    "Today is football." will never not cause me to suffocate from laughter.

  28. Atsuko Kagari says

    Arin's head mutating into different shapes is nostalgic.

  29. meganverne says

    i love arins butt scoot across the floor hahaha

  30. Anime Fan says

    Hahahha, his laugh. This is amazing

  31. funnymime123 says

    INSTANT classic.I’m so glad someone animated Pantsu Hunter, and I’m EXTREMELY glad it was executed so well

  32. walkingsaiyan _ says

    It's funny how he says weirdly collecting underwear like as if there was a non weird way

  33. Product of My Environment says

    i love this so much xD

  34. JaceDreams says

    yesss i love sherbies art style😆

  35. Jillian May says

    I love how every time arin goes into a laughing fit he just does the most ridiculous things

  36. Yup yup says

    I love, love, love Sherbies animations <3

  37. DarciousMaluki says

    i love that dan is consistent. XD and arin is just….

  38. Andrea Hudson says

    Hahahaha Arin squeaked 🤣🤣🤣

  39. TomásElBueno101 says

    Sherbies now is like a parody of Shoocharu XD

  40. Zyron says

    I love the animations that interpret what's going on as terrible stage production that they're desperately trying to keep on the rails.

  41. Rowan Renner says

    Hey guys, remember how you said you were going to revisit a bunch of unfinished games?…….

  42. whatever works, mate. says

    This style is among by 3 favorites in Game Grumps Animated history.

  43. Syafiqah Roslan says

    Today is football

  44. Nuri Dickson says

    I honestly had no plans to watch this series, but Sherbies you son of a bitch, you’ve convinced me

  45. Tom Cuthbert-Sayers says

    Great job Sherbies! I love how you ever so slightly accentuated that moment of appearing on the couch before fading away.

  46. procrastinator99 says


  47. Le. Farquad says

    1:06 my favourite part

  48. Lord Fluffykinz says

    I generally experience the same joy when it is today is football

  49. Gregor Shanley says

    "Now I also wanna kiss Kenji"

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