Together We Are Strong | War Robots Remastered Trailer (Music by I Am Waiting For You Last Summer)


Ultra high-res graphics are coming to War Robots early next year, but the core of Remastered is already here. What do you think of it so far? Here is our War Robots Remastered trailer. Soundtrack by: I Am Waiting For You Last Summer. Check out the band’s new album on your favorite streaming platform!

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Action-packed multiplayer war robot game with 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time

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  1. Mihaly Varga says

    sorsolás tényleg szar klánok elen harcolni lerohanják játékosokat még löni is alig lehetséges.tulélni azt vékép kb 3 perc azt mindenki halot.

  2. A Pekop says

    Ravana has lost speed for attack

  3. Mahcene Housem says

    après le mis à jour votre jeux ne marche pas pourquoi ?! mer robot mon niveau sans perd 😣😣😣

  4. Wolf says

    The game is ruined. Don’t know why this popped up on my feed. I unsubbed, quit my clan and uninstalled WR. The gameplay is trash now with Titans, the pilot rework and drones and all the new bullshit. I won’t even start about the lag and disconnects. Such a shitty greedy company…

  5. rafa raditya X GAMING Z says

    can u giff me more gold for galahad

  6. Mayank Pandey says

    I request pixonic to work on this game and solve the lag problen .because I never want to stop playing this game, its my favourate one

  7. You jing Sung says

    Pls buffed ao jun

  8. erik pinedo says

    It seems like view on game is faster, but bots are just too slow

  9. erik pinedo says

    Again mismatch is a piece of sht. People is getting ripped off from pixonic By doing nerf on bots and guns every time they bring a new bot. Why don't they finish with the problem and then put new stuff. If you all don't know what you are doing stop putting new stuff on the game. But course you will not, otherwise the robed money will not come easy

  10. Janex miller Villaluz says

    This make me stop downloading cuz the realistic is lag and the download is long now

  11. That Crusader says

    Could we have an option to go back to old graphics? There will be some players that want some nostalgia, me too, and I think it would be cool.

  12. Carlos Andrades says

    All this game needs is a way to get stuff easier(resources) or lower the prices

  13. Thunder Skull says

    Wr remastered is outstanding but I recommend you to unlock the minimal option as soon as possible

  14. федя Мовчан says

    Well done!

  15. مرضي الوايلي says

    التحديث الجديد سيئ جداً

  16. Pol Efraim says

    After the update I I can't even get into match. As soon as the the count on the average waiting time stops it just stays on that screen instead of getting me into a game.😡😡😡

  17. Leeann Doyen says

    Hey dude thx for the gift 🙂

  18. Timmy Clark says

    After 3 years and lots of money they finally fucked the game up so bad it's unplayable. Blinded by graphics and what the hell going on in up close battle? Can't see a fucking thing. The robot seems to not move and just a blinding light and bullshit. What is up with the graphics from behind the weapons. Looks like you're getting shot at. Hangers for sale….

  19. Yudhvir Gill says


  20. Yu Duc says

    I am too angry with you.I can not update version 6.4.8,I have very strong robot but now I can so Iwant too ask you why I can update version 6.4.8
    My phone is ipad android samsung galaxy tab E

  21. المبدع الديوانيه says


  22. Jack Price says

    The new runnin system is a lot better it would’ve been fantastic to have in the non remasters version cause now I can’t even finish a match it’s very upsetting and I play on iPhone 6 which you Said would be supported

  23. JAYDEN WANGLY says

    wheres the giveaway? and also, I got techno scorpion and thanks for the luck

  24. Nodens Is best says

    Im kidding keep on going and this game will br the highest played!!

  25. Nodens Is best says

    Pixonix, this is amaxing! But can we have free drones?

  26. Carlitos Meza says


  27. Braeden Day says

    So uhm, when are we able to make WR movies? I want to…

  28. Blame Game’ s world says

    And lags are not fixed

  29. Blame Game’ s world says

    You know what pixonic, im done with your game, i've had enough trying to get good stuff, but it turns out one WR member is leaving WR behind

  30. Leo Gabriel Lara says

    finally its out im gonna play war robot everytime 🙂 sub to war robot for more update :)) good luck pilots

  31. jesus toledo lopez says

    Y los fallos que tiene para cuando se van a arreglar?

  32. Fucc life It all air's out wen it come to me says

    Im 36 and still have low game fix bug not getting the machs need to

  33. Roblox Player123 says

    Together we cause the lagging

  34. Roblox Player123 says

    Remaster = changing lighting from the background.
    The game is still lagging. Got kicked out many times

  35. David Strickland says

    Remastered was suppose to be a lot better but it's not.. still same lag problems, aiming issues, and nothing is really fixed.. oh but the maps look a little better..

  36. Ahmad kurd9 says

    I hate 30 FPS 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 why coming 60FPS 🥺🥺🥺🥺 🙁

  37. Lukesteel173 says

    Even though this is good I miss old war robot so freaking much bro

  38. S.Pellegrino says

    Yo can we Transfer our progress?

  39. Andreas M. says

    Still lag, still late drop in, app buggy, still bad match making…on android

  40. YT_DARK-REBELLION-1 says

    I think it LOOKS AMAZING so far, i love all of the little changes like the little jump fire changes on my Inquisitor, and the G.I. Patton remodel looks good, plus the maps look wicked now, along with missle weapon firing trails look a lot more appealing, good job pixonic keep up the good work!

  41. nick el mas crak de todos says

    A quien mas le dio nostaljia

  42. Some GiantSquid says

    This looks very good so far!

  43. ejército de valientes De Dios says

    Para cuando escaramusa

  44. Tim France says

    Hey pixonic you have stolen the platinum i paid for to increase the defense on my ao ming.
    You knocked the defense down with your so called "rebalancing" bs . Now since that platinum resource cost real money, you need to either replace the platinum or the money right now! Or will you just admit you're a bunch of thieves! Seems pretty clear cut to me.

  45. Juan Alejandro Rios Garcia says

    ID: O79DVP

  46. Sk khatun says

    What’s up your other sub or old sub from like a few months is back woohooo!

  47. yassine el haddade says

    Bad version lags still so bad big problem 😔😔

  48. Dømīnø says

    Porfavor war robots o jogo esta sendo estragado pois a mb esta muito alta arrumem isto ! (use tradutor on this mini text)

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