I spent the last 3 years going back and forth in Tokyo, Japan & I was able to experience the street culture which had a huge influence on my fashion.

| @ErasedXProject

Filmed by : @WhoisJSD, @Lukain2, & @KenMiyajima.

3d Animation : @omegapixelart


M.O.O.N. – Dust:

M.O.O.N. – Dust (Sixfeet Remix):


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  1. Ice Kold Killa says

    8:30 I wanna go there on shrooms.

  2. Fara Dilla says

    Keren!!! ❤️

  3. Faye says

    How did You shoot the intro? You just standed in the middle of the road? XD

  4. PixelPops says

    Hi Luis, where was this place with lights and balloons please ? thank you

  5. david fernxndez says

    0:16 score in Hotline Miami 2

  6. Cobey Beemus says

    Soo cool dude keep it up years too come

  7. Roman Walter Buchli says


  8. Roman Walter Buchli says

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  9. annika says

    3:00 this is awesome and painful at the same time and im really here for it —

  10. Coolman coolman says

    Hotline Miami

  11. Nakhul Kisan says

    this is… pornagraphic to me ahhhhh

  12. sukrie - says

    imagine tripping off acid on that tourist spot fuckkkk i’d lose my fuckin mind

  13. Josue Martínez says

    Menos mal que están subtitulados ?

  14. santiago Leon says

    honestly I love your all videos

  15. Samrajya Basnet says

    the air force cutomisation was wack

  16. scroll says

    Which nike has help please

  17. Jancok 123 says

    Javanese fashion 1940

  18. Lotusblack says

    He got the drip

  19. Chris Munn says

    so sick. my dream is to have my own clothing brand. i love what you did with erased i remember when you started that shit. its so dope now i need to cop some pieces

  20. Illuminda Jimenez says

    Im the one of your supporter you are so lit philipines skater

  21. Swango says

    Se ve perron

  22. sem filho says


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