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Tollywood Latest Updates || Entertainment Special – TV9

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  1. Akash Vishnu says

    5000 cross

  2. siddu Sogi says

    Maku dabbu Avarage vaste chalu pair vaste chalu ve ni bonda pove ni news lo comen sence kuda ledu pove

  3. Kalyan Kalyan says

    Tv9 oka chetta chanel

  4. Paartha Acharya says

    Kannad alla kannada

  5. yuvaraj gowda says

    Bagundi 😍😍😍

  6. Pradeep Pradeepgowda says

    In front of kgf bahubali nothing
    KGF 🔥

  7. Manju Moni says

    Aishwarya is queen of the Indian cinema industries

  8. Khaja Khaja says

    Bahubali 1 bahubali2 nee minchi black baster

  9. Khaja Khaja says

    3000 cross pakka

  10. Jb Loke says

    100 percent indian history change kgf

  11. Jb Loke says

    TV9 cheapukovalsindhea Telugu vallu

  12. Sam Farin says

    Just jealous people. Can’t feel happy about other industry making good progress. Most of the telugu people loved KGF and accepted Yash as their own. These TV9 people are running agenda to tarnish the movie. We kannadigas welcome all language films and they telecast positivie content in kannada news channels and you guys are just upset that it’ll break bahubali record. What’s wrong in that? Records are made to be broken. If KGF breaks that record then other movie in coming years will break KGF’s record and it goes on like that. So narrow minded people these tv9 assholes

  13. Rajendra Gowda says


  14. Sri Kanth says


  15. Mudasla Sriram says

    800cr pakka

  16. Manjula Gangula says


  17. abhi raj says

    Don't worry more than 1000 only kgf 2 earn from people

  18. Rajesh all in one channel says


  19. Karthik S says

    I like kgf movie but Bahubali 2 ni cross cheyakapovachu… Bahubali 1 ni easy ga cross chesthadhi…incase Bahubali 2 ni cross chesina manchidhe because kgf Bahubali is not an regional movie it's our indian madam

  20. sandeep rayal says

    1000 cr

  21. BUNGA Nityananda rao says

    Easy break

  22. karthik n says

    Super sir

  23. Vijay Viji says

    Rocking star History 1 KGF Chapter 2 no1 enter India

  24. Swamy Uppalapelli says

    World record Prabhas anna

  25. Basu bai says

    Bahubali 2 =Sanjudutt

  26. Pydi Pydiraju says


  27. Murali Ramesh KV says

    All records chindi chindi👈

    👎😀Mee Bahubali👎 Makade Malagatte aste😀👎


  28. Sandeep Sharath says

    Pakka first day 300cr kgf2

  29. jagannath jaggau says

    Not kannad that is KANNADA 😡ಕನ್ನಡ #tv9 telugu

  30. Venkatesh Venki says

    Record break chesthundi

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