Tom Ford Spring 2011 Fashion Show (full)


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Tom Ford Spring 2011 Fashion Show in New York
Beyonce, Julianne Moore, Lisa Eisner, Daphne Guinness
Liya Kebede, Natalia Vodianova, Daria Werbowy, Stella Tennant
Amber Valletta, Rinko Kikuchi, Rita Wilson, Lauren Hutton
Rachel Feinstein Currin, Marisa Berenson, Joan Small, Anja Rubik
Carolyn Murphy, Du Juan, Lou Doillon, Julia Restoin Roitfeld
Chanel Iman, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Freja Beha Erichsen
Edita Vilkeviciute, Karlie Kloss

Tom Ford Spring Summer ete 2011 2012

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  1. aBirdbyBrancusi says

    2020 !!! 😀

  2. Thando Joka says

    Fords face when Beyonce pops up…priceless

  3. Rudyspective 1 says

    Old school fashion show modernized! Elegant, brilliant, flawless. Bravo Tom Ford!!

  4. Nida Al Khalil says

    I see that YSL has a great influence on Tom

  5. Hyolyn Bae says


  6. thebobby says

    I really wish I could have been there.

  7. Adrian Cruz ponciano says

    Wouuu espetacular !!


    That was incredibly beautiful.

  9. fckingkim says


  10. tarezra says

    still the best, still watching this in 2014. power line-up. and daphne closing the show, amazing.

  11. mon3ybagz says

    blow me…

  12. See20/20 says

    Beyonce was certainly the highlight …. its her JOB. lol — But Carolyn Murphy worked IT. Liya Kebede just one of the most elegant women on the planet….

  13. nathan77581 says

    tom is adorable

  14. nathan77581 says

    lou doillon is magnifique

  15. cheong728 says

    Rita Wilson has mania looking eyes, super scary woman.

  16. Amal Al-Okaili says

    We'll get married and he'll dress me! Love TF!

  17. Amal Al-Okaili says

    Daria is the BEST-EST

  18. Daiva Ivanoviene says

    Great, just great

  19. Jake Mai says

    my god i dont think i am ever gonna get over how sensational tom's creations are

  20. Asia Mitchell says

    beyonce was like one of the only girls who gave the clothes shape because of her curves

  21. chisovnik says

    Abbey Lee, Du Jan, Stella, and Daria all looked AMAZING!

  22. mjjfan1104 says

    It was nice to see the older models….Everyone looked BEAUTIFUL…LOVED IT!!!!

  23. Tangi M. says

    Because she fuckin BEYONCE. Why would you think your personal lil celeb means anything? Lol

  24. Huy Nguyen Thanh says

    Tom Ford is an ultimate embodiment of a designer-of-the-moment. His designs are truly a bespoke combination of style, personality and perfection.

    WARDROBE4X4 [dot] COM

  25. TheQwerty797 says

    Amber Valletta she was a big model a decade ago and now she's transitioning into acting.

  26. K H says

    Daria Werbowy (1:43) looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Anna Lipoldová says

    who's that 0:48 – 0:53 ?? she's got someting really special!

  28. Helder Amaral says

    Beyonce was the highlight

  29. Taylor Joe says

    beyonce stole the show, the other women were beautiful but she has that extra something

  30. TheAeromuse says

    Julianne Moore has the be the most glamorous woman on this planet <3

  31. Tina Vogor says

    tom is the only one who makes wearable clothes for fashion and normal people. Beauty is his number one priority

  32. Guga Gaidzak says

    Damn this is beautiful, everything , including the audience…. but i have to say….nothing compares to Julianne Moore…. what a lady!

  33. jenlovesfreja says


  34. ohwell9481 says

    @trancis36 you know what's hilarious? when darker skinned black people have blonde hair no one accuses them of wanting to be white. it is popular in the black community to get perms/straighten your hair and wear weaves/wigs, but when beyonce does it people criticize her for it (and accuse her of being bald). anyone of any race can do whatever the fuck they want with their hair. you are ignorant for thinking otherwise.

  35. Steph Correia says

    beyonce work it

  36. kareideve says


  37. Ramiah Alcantara says

    lucky kid in the front row!

  38. Tori Leira says

    LIYA KEBEDE!!! Im sorry i don't know her name but the Asian model was beyond flawless. I think is Du Juan but I'm not sure. Anyways Tom Ford has great taste not only in clothing but women. Very classy.

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